How Many Of The World's Top 10 "Nightclubs" Have You Been To?

by BILLY GRAY · June 7, 2010

    Because there's nothing like an arbitrary and...eclectic nightlife ranking to get the blood circulating, we present you with AskMen's list of the best clubs in the world. Much like Reuters, Guest of a Guest does not endorse these results.

    New York and Miami were the only cities with multiple nods on the esteemed list, with two apiece.

    Some of these places (Razzmattazz, Rex Club) qualify as nightclubs in the classic, sweaty dance party sense of the word. Three are situated in luxury hotels which, depending on your party preferences, makes perfect sense or should be grounds for disqualification. And one, New York's very own Juliet Supper Club, sounds suspiciously like a restaurant.

    Finally, the list offers conclusive evidence that Boom Boom Room, incorrectly hailed as the new Studio 54 yet again, will remain Boom Boom Room no matter how hard the boomers behind it try to sell Top of the Standard.

    Anyway, without further ado:

    1. The Boom Boom Room, New York City

    2. LIV at the Fontainebleau Hotel, Miami

    3. Merah, London

    4. Playhouse, Los Angeles

    5. Collage, Stockholm

    6. Razzmattazz, Barcelona

    7. Wall at the W Hotel, Miami

    8. Guzel, Athens

    9. Juliet Supper Club, New York City

    10. Rex Club, Paris

    Hmmm. No Berghain, which for Berghain management and aficionados is good news indeed.