Introducing Aaron Stern: The Wizard Behind The Curtains

by Rachelle Hruska · September 10, 2008

    aaron stern [Aaron Stern with DBTH's Scott Solish. Photo via A Medium Format]

    There's a good chance that you have never met Aaron Stern, one of the managing partners over at Radar Entertainment, there's an even better chance that you have not been to one of his uber exclusive parties, though you have probably heard of them.  Aaron is often the man behind the scenes making sure that everyone is happy at the latest and greatest bash going on on the island.  He can be found, Polaroids in tow, hobnobbing among other creative types at places like Beatrice Inn and Antik.  He's even friends with DBTH! (See photo above).  Oh, and I almost forgot, he's a fellow blogger with a photogenic eye.  Take a look.

    aaron stern

    [Aaron Stern at Beatrice with Alexa Greenstadt, Amanda Shine, and David X Prutting.  Photo via Papermag]