Is Anthony Martignetti The New Amy Sacco?

by CHRISTOPHER CONFESSORE · November 26, 2008

    [Bungalow 8 on the left, Southside on the right]

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, or so we've heard.  And Anthony Martignetti has cited Indochine and Le Colonial as muses for his bottle bar Southside, but he hasn't mentioned Bungalow 8. Curious because the two places seem to have so much in common with respect to design (much like our website).  It's as if Amy Sacco had her hand in it.  For kicks let's take a quick look at the two places and see what they have or don't have in common.

    Tall, Large Doorman

    Bungalow8 - Disco

    Southside - Q

    Expensive Signature Fruity Cocktail

    Bungalow8 - $18 Watermelon Martini

    Southside - $17 Piña Colada


    Bungalow 8 - Black tiles (entire bathroom area behind bar)

    Southside - Black tiles


    Bungalow 8 - Live palm trees

    Southside - Live bamboo trees, palm tree wallpaper motif


    Bungalow 8 - Yes (Bottle Club)

    Southside - Yes (Bottle Bar)

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