Is DBTH Ou'st?

by Rachelle Hruska · July 7, 2008

    rose barWe hate calling him out twice in one day, but isn't that what friends are for? DBTH just posted his 2nd post today and this time its about the demise of Rose Bar (one of my own personal favorites in the city).  When Rose Bar is "over" we will all know it, there will be no speculations and it sure as hell won't be coming from a random "tipster" who was there the Thursday before 4th of July weekend when everyone else was out of the city.

    I honestly can not believe he would post this.  Of course things are slowing down's the summer, the regulars are out east in Montauk (trust me I saw EVERYONE and their mom there this weekend), not sitting on velvet sofas next to fireplaces and rosewood.

    These are the weekends that the next in line finally get a taste of what places like Rose Bar are actually like.  So, instead of ragging on the people that head out east during these months, how about thanking them for giving you a chance to taste the lychee martinis.

    Plus, it would be nice to see if any of these "promoters" he speaks of were manning the roof top this night.  Doubtful.