Le Bain Says Adieu To Wednesday Nights

by Sun Kersor · January 13, 2011

    Update: Le Bain informs us that the club will remain open Wednesday through Sunday.

    Just when you needed some party lovin' to get over your hump day woes, Le Bain pulls the plug on its wild Wednesday nights and its weeknight partying in general. Does this mean no wet and wild action?

    As The Downtown Diaries reports, last night marked the last Wednesday Le Bain would be open business for at least a while, as large overhead costs made less sense with the cold weather netting small crowds.

    Jus-ske, The Chainsmokers, and Vikas three it down to go out hard for the season.

    But we were inspired to dream of the brighter days of Le Bain--the summer effulgence trumping the winter of our discontent.

    It makes you want to look at these photos HERE.

    Those days by the pool are not too far off--the days you can party by the pool with Missoni.

    And, of course, take part in the slippery ruckus, the condom dispense, and flamingo pink water beds.

    Or have wicked spinsters, like Chelsea Leyland, pump those jams.

    You might be inspired to emphasize the definition of your cheekbones.

    It's all about harnessing at once your inner child and inner animal.

    Maybe, though, it's time to bring a doorman to spice up the poolside winter blues.

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