Leven Rambin's Welcome Home Party At The Eldridge

by Rachelle Hruska · November 14, 2008

    Scott Buccheit, Leven Rambin, Kristian Laliberte, Liam McMullan [Scott Buccheit, Leven Rambin, Kristian Laliberte and Liam McMullan at the Eldridge. Photos by JT WHITE]

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    Last night, after watching the incredible Kate Beckinsale up on the big screen at the "Nothing But The Truth" premiere uptown, (the movie opens on Dec 19th in NY and LA and Kate, who was there last night, looked STUNNING),  I went back downtown to Leven Rambin's Welcome Back party at The Eldridge.  Between this place and Southside, I'm beginning to think it is going to be impossible for me to grow up.  It's like highschool, college, and summer camp all rolled into one.  It is so efficient that there are places where EVERYONE you know go to.  WELCOME HOME LEVEN!  We are so happy that you are back!

    Brianna SwansonPaul Johnson Calderon

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    Naeem was doing a great job manning the door as always...looking hot with his mustache for MOvember which is really starting to grow in!  All of the usual suspects strolled past Scott's table including Paul Johnson Calderon, Ally Hilfiger, Devorah Rose, Krisitan Laliberte, Constantine, Eric Spear, Kim Bates, Robert Fowler, Tara Church, Shawn McDonald, Liam McMullan, Leah Bourne, David Chines, Brianna Swanson, Micheal Dunne, and of course Leven's sister Mary Rambin who was looking fabulous!  I know, I know, I missed a ton more, just tell me who!  Also, Go TAG YOURSELVES!!!!

    Ally Hilfiger

    Scott Buccheit, Leven RambinNaeem Delbridgett Buccheit, Leven RambinMatt Levine