Madame Wong's In Danger Of Shuttering? Shortest Nightlife Lifespan Ever?

by Mara Siegler · May 16, 2011

    Community Board 2 met last week for the first of two State Liquor Authority Licensing Committees this month. Plenty of places were on the docket including Jobee, the Chinese restaurant where Simonez Wolf, of Beatrice Inn and Le Bain, has been holding his pop-up club Madame Wong's. Things didn't go so well for them.

    According to Eater:

    "Jobee at 3 Howard Street was denied for a renewal due to the fact that they have been operating outside of their method of operation (ahem, Madame Wong's)."

    Paperwork needs to be filled out, but the board could give them problems. The place, windows covered in newspaper and manned by two large bouncers, is located on a pretty desolate block so the crowds gathering outside to smoke or attempting to get in shouldn't bother anybody. I'm not a lawyer, so I don't know how these things work, but community boards tend to be persnickety about anything. At the same meeting, they grilled the lawyer from Balaboosta over whether their outdoor benches were legal or not.

    It was on this weekend, regardless:

    : "Holy shit madame wong's is packed and just threw on The Strokes ” yep" crush it buddy"

    "Cray cray-Madame Wong's!"

    "We like making out at Madame Wong's"

    "Apparently Madame Wong's was the place to be last night!"

    We'll be ready to sign a petition for Jobee/Madame Wong's if need be. For those who haven't been to the sporadic parties held in the restaurant, they are worth giving the password protected door a shot. Inside you'll find large red lanterns, a makeshift bar in the back, and despite the elitist secrecy of the whole thing, incredibly friendly bartenders. The crowd is a mix of gay and straight and those who don't have a problem dancing without shame to Katy Perry, old '80's hits and Britney Spears.  Go while you can. Opening just last month and billed as a pop-up party, it could be gone at any time no matter how things pan out with the board.

    [All images via 24HourPartyPeople]