Marquee Defies Odds And Makes It To Year 5!

by Stanely Stuyvesant · December 18, 2008

    Deemed at one point "the hottest club in the known universe" by the NY Post, Marquee has defied the odds and made it to its fifth anniversary. That's five years of bottles (sometimes 20k!), models, celebs, and the largest taxicab gridlock this side of the Mississippi.  Embracing the externalities of Chelsea's nightlife boom (of which they played no small part), their recent advertisement on taxicabs reads "MARQUEE, providing us with the longest cab lines for over 5 years"

    The brainchild of Noah Tepperberg and Rich Thomas, Marquee led the wave of nightlife development on 27th street in Chelsea with Bungalow 8 that ushered in neighbors such as Cain, Pink Elephant, Home, and Guest House.  Alas, a revolution of brand name clubs were born.

    But Tepperberg and Thomas haven't stop there.  They have since parlayed their fame and good fortunes into starting and managing the mega revenue Tao Vegas and Lavo. More recently they have been involved with Lucky Strike Lanes, a new and unique bowling centered twist on bottle service.  We can surely expect to see these guys much more in the future, and hope to ring in another big year for the club that started a block.