Mars Bar To Be Resurrected

by Mara Siegler · July 26, 2011

    A little over a week after Mars Bar closed its doors for the final time to make way for the wrecking ball that will tear down the landmark dive bar to make way for a shiny luxe condos, owner Hank Penza is already talking about reopening. The Last Bastion of Indecency will rise again.

    [Final Look At Recently Closed Mars Bar]

    There had been rumors and whispers and drunken wishes from locals, but it is confirmed. Penza told the NYP:

    "I do plan to reopen. I am looking at a couple of places in the area. I just haven't made a decision yet."

    The obvious question is can the new place recapture the essence of the old? The answer really depends on whether or not you think a place is made by the structure that holds it or the people that fill it. Most will agree it is the later. Plus, EV Grieve notes that the new space already has a manager on board and that they have the actual bar and jukebox from Mars Bar.

    So perhaps the only thing left to ask is: can they make the bathrooms as dirty or will they at least try and keep them clean?  With the final blow for the original coming with violations from the Department of Health, lets hope they keep things passably tidy.

    [R.I.P. Mars Bar. Final Blow Delivered By Department Of Health]