Michael Musto Leaves Lockhart's Army With Some Big Shoes To Fill

by Rachelle Hruska · September 17, 2008

    Michael Musto

    [Michael Musto presenting at the L Magazine Nightlife awards last night.]

    Lockhart Steele's Twitter Update: NYPost: "popular online portals that chronicle and satirize the city's culture chose a suitably funky new address"

    Yes it's true.  Our friends over at the Curbed Network have decided it's time to expand.  In doing so, they have some big shoes to fill.  Michael Musto's.  We caught up with Musto last night before he went on stage to present the award for "Best Gay Night" at last night's L Magazine Nightlife Awards. "I always seem to get typecast for these categories." The guy was so funny when describing his nights at Hiro that the other Michael on stage, Michael T (NY partier extraordinaire), was simply besides himself.  Lockhart, we know your website is kicking it, enough to warrant a 2,500 sq foot space on Cooper Square, but are you able to bring drag queens to tears?  Methinks this is perhaps a better judge of your success.

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