Midsummer At Tao

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · June 20, 2008

    misummer at tao with scott and naeem

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    Last week we got the most interesting invite from our friend Richard Thomas. It was for a party hosted byMarc Parker, Rich Wolf, Noah Teppenberg and Jason Strauss to celebrate the summer solstice, which apparently is a swedish tradition. So, where to hold a New York soiree celebrating a Swedish Holiday? The obvious choice of course is a chinese restaurant, Tao!

    It takes a lot to get us uptown but we were feeling adventurous. We were joined by Jackie Marie, Grace Gomez-Brea, and Carrie Baker. The place was festooned with flowers and all the girls were given flower wreaths. Inside we mingled with Tara Fougner, Ariana Ornelas, Derek Frears, Project Runway winner Christian Siriano, Stavros Niarchos, Chris Coffee, Maggio Cipriani and met up with our new friend, world renowned artist, Lucio Salvatore.

    As the party got more crowded we packed it in and headed downtown for Cipriani. There we met up with our new york family including, Adis Gutic and his sister Anela, Lena Jakoleva, Angele B, Karim Hajid, Ignacio Cipriani, Kashmir Snowdon-Jones, Allan Singman and the Incredible McCain girl herself, Kate Secor.

    What night of ours would be complete without a stop at 1OAK? (Tara wrote on our facebook wall, seriously i think you pay rent there) After being swooped in by Bin, we stayed long enough to have a drink with Ali Palutti who will now be writing for US Weekly. After a congratulatory toast, we were toast, and headed home. As expected, another great night....