Mike K, Merrill Lynch Analyst, Hedges His Bets And Doubles As A Nightlife Promoter On Side

by Rachelle Hruska · December 1, 2008

    [It's good to be King?]

    Who is the mysterious Mike Kanevsky? His FOUR almost identical Facebook Profiles on first glance paint a story of just another guy trying to make a living.  What many people might not know about Mr. Kanevsky, however, is that by day he is an analyst on the verge of unemployment, but by night he is a promoter on the verge of constant debauchery.  Only one of his profiles claims that he has a girlfriend, though all four of them are OPEN to the public and full of club pics.  This makes one wonder how this chap still has a job in finance? Is this just part of the perks of the job?  Is promoting for TenJune more lucrative than being an analyst at Merrill Lynch? What is this world coming to!

    Click below for more facebook outakes and photos of Finance's Darkwing Duck.

    Prepared for both jobs, beer in one hand, blackberry in the other

    About me: "I promote clubs at night and work at Merrill Lynch during the day, but my dream is to one day sell carpets. I use Facebook because I cant afford eHarmony. I am Russian, but I like to take it slow. I recently broke up with Jessica Alba because i did not like the way she tied her shoes so I am single now. I like to go to clubs and express myself through the art of dance. I am warning you, I am extremely friendly and nice, so watch out. Hit me up if you like fun, I like fun."