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Promoting 101
How to fill up a room with enough good-looking women that horny guys will mortgage their home for a few bottles of Grey Goose and Dom Perignon . Discussions include: The Method of Pick Up: How to lure women to your table with free drinks without coming off like a creep. Table Seating Philosophy: How to properly position your image girls and filler girls. Managing grenades and freeloading men. Bottle Management: How to make two bottles last three hours with a table full of thirsty and impatient girls. Promoting in the Age of Social Media: How to utilize Facebook and Twitter to fill your social network’s timeline and inbox with word of your parties. The Art of Mass Texting: How to fit all the essential party information into a concise text message. How to phrase that message so it seems like a personal invitation. Final Exam: Convince ten hot girls to show up to our last class.
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