Moving In On Club Row?

by Stanely Stuyvesant · July 15, 2008

    Club Row"Club Row" that little neighborhood in West Chelsea made possible by Amy Sacco and her brilliant Bungalow 8, may all soon be over.  Though rumors of turning 27th street into residential buildings have persisted since last year, there are new claims of its demise from an unlikely source...the girl who herself proclaims was "too fat" to ever enjoy this part of the city before the cops on horses, back when it was actually cool.  Aw.  While Emily may never get to know the old Bungalow, how do the rest of you feel about putting an end to club row...would you move in?

    I hate to ask the obvious but if we get rid of club row, where will all the bridge and tunnelers go?  I support the safe harboring of the out of towners and fear what may happen if they remove these stomping grounds.  Total infiltration! The Horror!