New Year's Eve At Upstairs, The Final Act

by MAGGIE HUNTER · January 6, 2009

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    Last week, Gawker broke down for us the Five Types of New Year's Eve Parties, consolidating the holiday's many tropes into a eerily accurate list.There are many of us who, come January 31st, would much rather be at home in some nice, cozy pajamas (see Type # 4: Oh, We Went To Bed At 11) than step foot in a nightclub, which on this particular holiday can become synonymous with "vortex of striped shirted dude bros and girls who can't stand in their shoes, where you can't even get any champagne due to the interminable bar line." That viewpoint aside, it seems that there really are partygoers who genuinely enjoy what Gawker has hailed as Type # 3: At The Clurrrrb. On January 1st, 2009, Upstairs was one such clurrrrb. Bless them all, keeping our sad economy alive.

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