New York's Iciest Doormen: Just Try Getting Past These Guys

by Ross Kenneth Urken · January 31, 2011

    The doorman on the nightlife circuit separates a frigid night on the streets from a cozy spot by the DJ booth. Their sternness and face control may strike you as stoic, but here's what keeps them from being so cold.

    The Feast has a nice list of "The Seven Coldest Doormen in New York" that chronicles how these commissionaires stay warm while manning the club.

    The list consists of Avenue's Wass Stevens, The Bunker Club's Eddie Bilowich, SL's Alex Julian, Goldbar's Jonny Lennon, Le Bain's Simonez Wolf, The Mulberry Project's Herman Solomon, and Lavo's Richard Wheeler and Cristian Achirill.

    Highlights include:

    Stevens's solution of getting his own personal heat lamp: "Hit saves my ass every night."

    Bilowich's diss of the unmanly doormen who rely on lamps: "Our building is landmarked so we can't have big heat lamps, you go to some of these other clubs, like Le Bain, guys are standing out there in suits under the heat lamp, living the highlife."

    Lennon takes a no nonsense approach: "I am so good at keeping warm. I wear all outdoor gear, I don't wear any stylish shit. I'm a downtown dude."

    The real question is how will Armin Amiri handle himself at Mr. H.?