Nightlife News Round Up, April 2, 2012

by Spencer Rothman · April 2, 2012

    NoMad goes D.I.Y with bottle service, we travel back in time to 1993 with Chloe Sevigny, The New York Times reveals details about Super Linda, and so much more in today's Nightlife News Round Up!

    1. D.I.Y. bottle service at NoMad makes everyone happy. The newly opened NoMad hotel and restaurant is offering an unorthodox version of bottle service. NoMad’s bottle service revamp begins with it's sleek wheeled bar carts. A NoMad bartender can mix your drinks if you wish, but owner Leo Robitscheck expects most people will want to do it themselves. [NYTimes]

    2. Footage from 1993 of Chloe Sevigny and DJ Keoki resurfaces. The footage was shot in 1993 outside of Shelter and features a young Chloe Sevigny, DJ Keoki, Moby, and others. Watch the clip below.

    3. Super Linda is in the news once again. The New York Times published an article on the TriBeCa space, detailing everything you need to know about the new hotspot. Super Linda opened in February as a tribute to South American culture. [NYTimes]

    4. Lincoln's biggest mistake was dissing P.Diddy. The car company had a huge promotional deal with the rapper planned back in 1999, but was later cancelled because of a shooting involving P.Diddy and J.Lo. After Lincoln cancelled their multi-million dollar deal with Diddy, Cadillac signed with him. Since then, the Escalade has become an icon for luxury cars. [TheTruthAboutCars]

    5. DJ Tiesto keeps healthy so he can keep spinning. The electronic dance-music DJ spilled his health deets to Zev Norotsky’s new Elektro magazine,

    “I’ve got my routines, which keep me physically in the right place: going to the gym at hotels, eating a balanced diet and boosting my system with vitamins.”


    6. GofG compiles the impossible- Justin Ross Lee's club bans. The infamous JewJetter has been banned everywhere from hotspot Tenjune to the United States Post Office. His recent twitter fight with well known club door man Aalex Julian has been a three-year-long battle. The feud started back in '09 at Tenjune over an argument about how many buttons were left unbuttoned on JRL’s shirt, which then lead to a heated exchange of words, and in true JRL style, the police being called. [GofG]

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