Nightlife News Round Up, March 6, 2012

by Spencer Rothman · March 6, 2012

    EMM group (of SL East, Abe and Arthur's and Catch) is getting sued, the recipe you've always wanted for Lavo's fried Oreo's, hotels pretending to be churches, 25 commonly misunderstood nightlife phrases, and so much more in today's Nightlife News Round Up!

    1. EMM group sued by South African investor. EMM Group, the partnership that owns and operates Abe and Arthur's, SL, SL East, Lexington Brass, and Catch is accused by investor Gregory Struck of fraudulently misleading investors, misappropriating funds and breaching their fiduciary duties to their investors. [NYEater]

    2. Lavo's fried Oreo recipe is out in the open. Among many things LAVO NYC is known for giving the fried snacks out to club-goers as they venture into the night. Lavo's executive chef John DeLoach's recipe is now out in the open, after an appearance on Good Day Café this week where he gave a step by step on how to make Fried Oreo Zeppole. [myfoxny]

    3. The Chatwal is under major heat by tax-collectors. It was discovered this week that the luxury hotel in Times Square has been pretending to be a church for five years to avoid high tax prices. [Hotel Chatter]

    4. "25 Phrases You'll Hear When You Go Out, and What They Really Mean." College humor has released a series of Meme's translating nightlife speak. What does the bartender actually mean when he asks to see your ID? [College Humor]

    5. Amateur night at the Apollo on your iPhone. Contestants at the Apollo's amateur night no longer have to worry about just the audience's judgement. A new iPhone app allows anyone to watch and vote against or for their favorite contestant. Apollo CEO Jonelle Procope said the new application allows the historic theater to

    "share the Apollo experience with an even broader audience in New York and around the world."


    6. More drama on 28th Street. In January, the Chelsea club Shadow was in the news after being the location of a brutal stabbing. The club has found itself in the spotlight once again after Gunfire was heard outside the establishment last Saturday. [DNA]

    7. Jessica Lee Wertz to open restaurant at 176 Delancy. She and her partner, Ted Mann, who currently operate the Buschwick bar Lone Wolf, are planning to open a restaurant/cafe featuring "traditional American fare with a modern twist." Daytime hours will serve coffee, apertifs, etc. and at night it will transform to a full service eatery. [Bowery Boogie]

    8. Katz's Deli seized the vacant Punjabi Food Express next door and transformed it into an pop-up pastrami outpost. The party was for a wedding reception for PR exec Steven Rubenstein and playwright Bess Wohl, and lasted for one night only, despite the excitement of patrons standing outside. [Bowery Boogie]