Nightlife News Round Up! Monday, January 30th, 2012

by Chelsea Burcz · January 30, 2012

    Super Linda will open its doors soon, the Beatrice Inn is looking for chefs, The Smile opened up their "to-go" locations today, Le Baron crashed the New York nightlife scene, and more on today's nightlife news round up.

    1. Matt Abramyck, Richard Ampudia, and Serge Becker (of La Esquina, The Box, Miss Lily's) are opening a new "Latin grill" spot in TriBeCa, called Super Linda. Abramyck has quietly been building a series of casual TriBeCa casual haunts such as Smith & Mills, Warren 77 and Tiny’s, with the intention to bring a "downtown" feel to the more upscale part of downtown. It will have two floors, roughly 60 employees, a 5,000 square foot space. Friends and family will go for a tasting this week.

    The most entertaining thing is, that a lil' birdy told us that these same guys will be reopening the Beatrice Inn (this time as a restuarant) in March. The major force behind it is Emil Varda (the maitre d and partner in the Waverly Inn) and apparently they are testing out chefs now.  [NYTimes]

    2. The Smile opened another location, 22 Howard Street, for their latest "To Go" out post. The hours are from 8am-6pm. Will this be the new "it" lunch takeaway spot? [Twitter]

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    3. Le Baron had its "official" NYC opening weekend, after a soft dinner for friends and family the week before. From bunny outfits to who was there, check out our posts HERE and HERE.

    Here's a look at the cocktail menu:

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    4. A new state liquor map helps locals track city bars -- according to the DNA Info article, think Google maps, wearing beer goggles. The State Liquor Authority is getting ready to launch the interactive map, which plots every bar that is licensed in the city. The new map is meant to help residents to understand where those rowdy partiers on their block is coming from. [DNA Info]