Nightlife News Roundup, Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

by Courtney McGowan · February 2, 2012

    Rumors swirl that the Koch Brothers had a falling out with MPD, a guy rolled into a carpet is letting people walk all over him, Juliet gives up their battle in court and so much more in today's nightlife news roundup.

    1. Are the Koch Brothers no longer involved with MPD? An anonymous e-mail to @NYNightlife claims the Brothers Koch have parted ways with the Meatpacking District spot, home of their "Day & Night" brunches. [Twitter]

    2. Have you heard about Kevin the Human Carpet? He's a New York performer who shows up at parties, lays on the floor, rolls himself into a carpet, and let's people walk all over him. [VillageVoice]

    3. Juliet has given up. The supper club, plagued by scandal, has decided to withdraw their lawsuit seeking to stop eviction proceedings, resulting in an inevitable shuttering. [Eater]

    4. Lady Gaga's restaurant gets panned. The Upper West Side spot, Joanne Trattoria, was given less than stellar reviews by The Post.  Steve Cuozzo wrote,

    "There was acrid-smelling burnt vinegar wafting intermittently through the raucous dining room."

    "Much of the staff, including the crew toiling in the open kitchen, seemed plucked from the ’burbs. Clueless busboys wandered the floor, performing no other function than to pour tap water into sparkling."

    Expect Cuozzo to soon be found in a gutter somewhere, covered in raw meat and unicorn hair. [NYPost]





    5. Elite Daily did a pretty lengthy profile on nightlife in New York City. Featured in the piece, an interesting survey conducted by none other than @NYNightlife, on who who owes what in nightlife biz. [Elite]

    6. Patron Tequila released a new flavor, XO Cafe Dark Cocoa, and Sons of Essex already has it. [Twitter]