Noah Tepperberg Is Growing Up

by Rachelle Hruska · November 19, 2008

    Watch out Amy Sacco, Noah Tepperberg has just revealed exclusively to GofG that his sister, Judy Tepperberg who has been the behind the scenes boss at Marquee for the last 5 years, will be the face of the new den which will be a similar size and scope as Bungalow. The plans for the lounge/restaurant, which they would like to be in the old Earth Space on tenth avenue between 17th and 18th streets have been the source of loads of online rumblings.

    A disgruntled neighbor sent out loads of emails encouraging people to do whatever they could to discourage the community board from allowing another club to take over.  (Cain tried to pick up this space months ago, only to get turned away).  Noah appeared before the community boards licensing committee last night.  After extensive discussion it is still uncertain whether he will be able to take over the lease.

    Noah tells NY Mag that it will be half the size of Marquee and won't have a cabaret license or employ promoters. "I'm getting a little older, and my friends and clientele have grown up." We wish the Tepperbergs and the entire Strategic Team success and hope to visit this place when it materializes.