Nur Khan On Why Don Hill's Is Not All About Fashion Week

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 16, 2011

    The Iggy Pop concert at Don Hill's during last fall's fashion week was an undeniably hot party. The event was a coronation of sorts, making Don Hill's a nightlife king at its reopening. So how does one keep the buzz going months later? We spoke to Don Hill's Nur Khan to find out.

    1. GofG: We were at the Iggy Pop concert this past fall for the newly reopened Don Hill's. How do you top that?

    NK: That was a pretty big opening week. Pretty tough to replicate that opening line up of The Dead Weather, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Iggy Pop and the Stooges, Hole/Courtney Love, Crystal Castles.

    [Chole Sevigny for Opening Ceremony at Don Hills]

    2. GofG: So given that you owned last Fashion Week in terms of concerts, is it time for complacency? Which acts do you have on tap this week?

    NK: I have Hank Williams III. playing Wednesday night and Tamyryn playing Thursday as earlier shows.The Tamyryn gig on Thursday night is all over Google, so that should be slammin' too. Cool downtown scene is what Don's is--not trying to be anything else.

    3. GofG: So you have a hot country musician and a great vocalist. Is this move away from the large concerts indicative of a new Don Hill's game plan.

    NK: Don Hill's is more of a dance party this season. It's a nightclub/dance rock club first and foremost, and the big bands are icing on the cake.

    _ [Nur Kahn]

    4. GofG: Did you plan any other acts?

    NK: I had LCD Soundsystem booked as my major act for the week. Unfortunately, there were complications with production and stage size so we were unable to do the gig. Like they say, shit happens.

    5. GofG: What's the biggest prohibitive factor toward booking big bands these days?:

    NK: I try to catch my friends when they are in town on tour usually to keep production expenses down. I'd rather pick and choose the great acts when they are in town playing a large gig, rather than just settle for mediocrity, just for the sake of having a Fashion Week gig. The large acts are pricey if i don't have a relationship already with them. And there's not as much sponsorship money out there in this economy right now, so I'd prefer to save what I have for a rainy day great show, rather than do a half-assed one.

    6. But the Iggy Pop concert of course coincided with Fall Fashion Week. Do you feel extra pressure to up the ante in entertainment during Fashion Week, or do you reject that instinct?

    NK:Don Hill's isn't all about Fashion Week. When the major acts are in town ,I'll try and have them play before we go into nightclub mode/dance party vibe.

    [Iggy Pop images via The Cobra Snake]