NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Mara Siegler · April 1, 2011

    Don Hill passed away last night, the Blarney Rock has been evacuated, a new unbelievable sounding club is coming to Chinatown, Roy Den Hollander is continuing his crusade to end Ladies Night, Lindsay Lohan eats concrete and more.  TGI-Nightlife. Happy weekend everyone!

    1. RIP Don Hill [GofG]

    New York nightlife legend Don Hill passed away last night. He was known for supporting the New York rock scene and played host to all types of people for over twenty years at the now defunct '80's East Village dive The Cat Club and his eponymous Greenwich Street bar.

    2. Blarney Rock Pub Evacuated [DNAinfo]

    The Blarney Rock Pub was forced to evacuate after a wall being renovated in an adjoining building cracked. 3. Preview Of Chinatown's Upcoming Hop Sing Laundromat [TheFeast]

    Ok, this place has an awesome name and is staking a claim in the center of what keeps promising to be the city's next nightlife hotspot, Chinatown. The Feast took a look inside and got  some info from the owner Mr. Lee.

    "Mr. Lee plans for his forty-foot bar to house 1000 bottles of booze, the most in the city by quite a sizable amount. He's also handpicking a crew of first-rate bartenders and training them in his methods, which he claims will cut back on the amount of time it takes to prepare a fine cocktail by a third or more. He vowed that no patron would "ever wait 20 minutes" for a drink at his establishment."

    There will also be a vestibule, a shoe shine area, and "a menu entirely comprised of "the best dishes" from area restaurants, specially delivered to the club and served on multi-layer platters."

    Sounds kind of hoaxy to me, but why would you bullshit about this? Does it answer the question, 'huh?" Does it have twinks, gypsies, a cat from the bodega, puppets in disguise, homeless guys in old fashion bathing suits, Teddy Ruxben wearing mascara, a human bathmat and Dj Baby Bokchoy?

    4. Roy Den Hollander, New York Fighter For Male Rights, Brings Bullshit To Colbert [ColbertNation]

    Many of you are probably familiar with Roy Den Hollander, whose goal in life is to fight feminism by suing nightclubs that have Ladies' Night. he went on Stephen Colbert to talk about his PMS, "Persecuted Male Syndrome."

    5. Adam Lambert Acts Like A Jackass, Is Booted from Lady Gaga's Party

    Eyeliner enthusiast Adam Lambert showed up uninvited to Gaga's private party at La CIta and began drinking, acting rowdy, fist bumping, and rah-rah-rah-rah-rah-ing so aggressively he ended up punching a hole into the ceiling who did nothing to instigate him. He just didn't understand, it was born this way. Gaga eventually had him booted and Eventually Gaga asked security to remove Lambert but not before the "American Idol" alumni tried to smear cake in her face and put a doll in her mouth. Really. Pic or it didn't happen. He Tweeted:

    "Was trying for celebratory gesture 4 gaga's B- piñata style...instead my fist is all bruised and la cita has a hole in the ceiling. #sloppy."

    6. Lindsey Lohan Eats Concrete Soberly [PageSix]

    The actress was photographed with her forehead pressed to the sidewalk after taking a spill outside Motor City Bar, where she was totally not drinking,  on the Lower East Side.