NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday!

by Mara Siegler · May 6, 2011

    Where to cheer on the horses during the Kentucky Derby; an end to the Oak Room; a possible new beginning for Don Hills'; an opening for Eastbridge; a victory for Williamsburg hipsters; boobs for Mother's Day; a man swallowing needles and more. Today's nightlife roundup laughs in the face of danger!

    1. The GofG Kentucky Derby Party Guide 2011[GofG]

    Whether you watch for the excitement of the bet or just need a reason to sip on mint juleps in your derby best, here's a list of places in the city doing the best viewing parties!

    2. Oak Room Closing At The Plaza. End Day & Night Brunches? [GofG]

    The Oak Room at New York City’s landmark Plaza Hotel is set to close on July 31, reports the NY Times! Eli Gindi, an Oak Room owner, says that rent negotiations with the hotel broke down in March, but it may have more to do with the current lawsuit the Plaza has against them.

    3. Don Hill's To Re-Open? [TheVillager]

    Don Hill's was shut down little less than a month after Don Hill, the man, passed away. It shuttered suddenly on a Monday night with little explanation but a whirlwind of rumors that rent had not been paid and Nur Khan was forced to hand the space back over to the property owners, for possible wreckage.

    Seems there may be hope. Don Hill's has opened and closed and re-opened before, and the cycle may continue.  Hudson Square activist David Reck said it will be returning under new management.

    Dear Mr. & Ms. Moneybags, please save this place! Fingers crossed everyone.

    [R.I.P. Don Hill's, A Look Back At Our Favorite Moments]

    4. Eastbridge Opens Tonight! [Eater]

    Guy who likes to say he is a model but is not, Sean Hughes, will be opening his new come-one-come all, non-exclusive,  Eastbridge tonight in the former Eldridge space. He's described the new spot as:

    "A neighborhood parlor that boasts a warm, classy climate with an oasis of cocktails", where guests can "explore engaging conversation in an intimate and buoyant atmosphere where our compass always points East."

    Um....yeah? Will you be dropping your anchor there, mateys?

    5. Williamsburg To Remain Saturated With PBR [BrooklynPaper][Image Via]

    Williamsburg's community board was trying to put a moratorium on all new liquor licenses in the area because they are totally square and uncool and old and don't remember what it was like back in the day when all they wanted to do was get drunk and talk about buzz bands. But whatever, because they've been bitch slapped by the ultimate power, the  State Liquor Authority.

    An official was on hand during the board meeting to point out that new bars create jobs and attract free-spending crowds that improve the local economy.

    6. Your Much-Needed Dose  Of A Man Swallowing Needles [Zagat]

    We took a peek inside Albert Trummer's new Theater Bar the other day and it looks amazing. And it just keeps getting better! Take a look at this video of a bartender swallowing needles in a cocktail and making them reappear in the neatest way possible. Booze + Magic =Good times. Kids, try this at home.*


    7. Worst Mother's Day Dinner Ever [Zagat][Image Via]

    Mother's Day is a day set aside for telling Mom how much you love her. You get her a gift, or at least send her a card, and if you live in the same city take her out to a nice dinner that says, "I appreciate you." Hooters would like to be that special restaurant where you take her.  According to the press release: "Hooters is showing moms they are the 'wind beneath our wings' with this free offer." Just be warned, you may be disinherited.