NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Mara Siegler · May 27, 2011

    Jay-Z spending $10 million on custom walnut millwork mirrors and other swanky things for his 40/40 Club; Yotel's tiny rooms to be inversely proportional to the amount of fun; a new rumored buyer for Elaine's, beer cocktails and more! Today's nightlife roundup is ready for the beach!

    1. Memorial Day Weekend Guides [GofG]

    We are just full of helpful guides today to ensure you have the best weekend! Is it 6pm yet?  Do you get a summer Fridays?  If yes, suck it.

    Be sure you take a look: [The MDW Travel Guide 2011 Guide:Memorial Day NYC Party Guide Edition]

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    2. Jay-Z Dropping $10 Million To Renovate The 40/40 Club [GofG]

    Jay-Z is dropping half a Kim Kardashian engagement ring on renovations for the 40/40 Club.  The $10 million will buy:

    A new Broadway grand entrance to the club

    Custom illuminated amber resin bar top

    Illuminated bottle display tower (18’ tall)

    Supple leather upholstered wall paneling

    Custom walnut millwork with smoked bronze mirrors

    Enlarged marble stepped arena-style seating with plush lounge banquettes

    Giant state-of-the-art LED television displays

    A new second floor ‘catwalk’ allowing guests to circumnavigate the ‘scene’

    Specialty viewing lounges with private bottle service, appropriately outfitted with large screen HD televisions.

    Five exclusive VIP lounge rooms will feature bespoke lounge seating encircling the room, custom billiards tables, multiple large screen HD televisions, custom chandeliers, cerused oak paneling with silver leaf molding, and stately oak wood floors.

    3. Hell's Kitchen Yotel To Have Pod Rooms, Big Fun [DNAInfo]

    Yotel, the European purveyor of Japanese-style tiny "pod" hotel rooms, has space to spare when it comes to fun. The outdoor terrace will feature inflatable pagodas, fire pits and blankets, according to the hotel's website. Dining tables at its restaurant "Dohyo" will sink into the floor to make room for a performance space. Add to that a lounge, a bar, and private club cabins.

    The space is set to open in June!

    4. Elaine's is Now Officially Closed [WPIX]

    Verbal clashes inside, fistfights outside, and toasts to the legendary saloon keeper marked the closing night at Elaine's.  Regulars and celebs came out and gave their thoughts.  Alec Baldwin stated he couldn't believe no one would step forward to buy the place....

    5. P.J. Clarke's To Buy Elaine's? [NYP]

    Elaine's might be saved! Sort of. Not really! The owners of P.J. Clarke's are “negotiating to buy Elaine's and reopen it as part of their chain.” The word "chain" just makes me shudder.

    6. Trend Alert: Beer Cocktails! [NYT]

    Frank Bruni roams the town tasting beer cocktails (Beer mixed with something else. Not necessarily hard alcohol.) He suggests trying them out at Rosa Mexicana, Goat Town, Dutch Kills and more. The drink of choice at WD-50 on the Lower East Side is the Black & Yellow with a top layer of dark ale, the bottom a mix of kumquat-infused gin, yuzu juice and St. Germain, an elderflower liqueur.