NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 25, 2011

    Mister H. gets the feng shui treatment, LES liquor licenses face hurdles, and the Mondrian Soho provides an eclectic range of public areas. Noel Ashman has his gaze locked on a new club, and Noah's Ark offers a Melo burger. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up.

    1. Feng Shui Expert Takes On Mister H. [WSJ]

    "According to Dee Kelly, a former television personality turned traditional feng shui consultant who was trained by a Taiwanese master ('It's like having a PhD in feng shui,' she said), it's not unusual for someone with her skills to work on a nightclub."

    She brought her strategic energy arrangement to Armin Amiri's new spot in the Mondrian Hotel. We spoke to Amiri about his visions for the new hot club, and it seems part of that success may be riding on the joint's good vibes.

    "For her work on club Mister H., which can hold about 150 people, Ms. Kelly made sure, for instance, that music was coming from a 'very strategic location energetically. It's incredibly potent. No other nightclub is going to have that location.' The placement of the VIP lounge, she added, is specific to the Five Element Theory. No matter where you're facing, she said, 'the energy is going to be impacting your cells. Even the shape and the color of the furniture is important to that energy.'"

    2. CB3 Phases Out The Practice Of Transferring Liquor Licenses From One Operator To Another On LES [The Lo-Down NY]

    It just got a little harder for nightclub and bar owners to start serving booze immediately.

    "New Liquor Licensing Rules Are In Effect: "Last night Community Board 3 voted to put in place comprehensive new policies that could have a dramatic impact on the nightlife industry on the Lower East Side for years to come. The revised rules, governing how CB3's SLA Committee evaluates liquor license applications, are intended to streamline and standardize a process that has been harshly criticized by bar owners and community activists alike as inconsistent and capricious."

    A certain switcharoo has occurred with regard to liquor license transfers.

    "Reversing a decision made at the committee level last week, the full board decided to phase out the controversial practice of automatically transferring licenses from one operator to another."

    3. Where To Hang Out In The Mondrian SoHo [Hotel Chatter]

    "The first area we obviously scope out was the ground floor lobby, which completely matches the guest rooms in that it's wholly decorated in shades of blue, completed by mirrored surfaces and lots of clean white. Although it's inspired by Jean Cocteau's 1946 film 'La Belle et La Bete,' the design, for us, brought to mind clouds, sleepytime, and pleasant dreams."

    But don't spend too much time in the lobby.

    "Go dine in Imperial No. 9, drink in Crosby Garden or party at Mister H."

    The debated is a heated one and worth a more extensive perusal at the Lo-Down.

    4. Noel Ashman Locked A Deal For a Downtown Space [BlackBook]

    [Noel Ashman]

    "A rumor monger insists that Noel Ashman has just about sealed up a deal for a new lounge. The location is downtown, and I hear it's small, but that's all I could get. Stay tuned."

    5. The Carmelo Anthony Burger [Bowery Boogie]

    Bowery Boogie has the text from Noah's Ark on Grand Street which has a "limited edition" Hello Melo Burger in honor of new Knick Carmelo Anthony.

    "Why settle for a wimpy nugget when you can have a meaty Knick-butt Burger?!

    Enjoy the mouth watering taste of the new, limited edition HELLO MELO BURGER: two 8 oz classic Knickerbocker beef burgers, topped with 'Carmeloized' inions, BBQ beef brisket, fried Roumanian pastrami, and melo-yelo mustard.

    Served on a Brioche Roll with our signature sweet potato french fried and a dunk-able hot chipotle sauce that only a real New Yorker can handle."

    The boy-gah will set you back $24.95.

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