NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Friday

by Mara Siegler · March 18, 2011

    Museum of Art & Design recognizes and supports club culture, the Chelsea Hotel may have a taker, Lindsay Lohan is clubbing up a storm soberly, Gallery Bar reopens, and coasters that detect roofies! It all here in our nightlife roundup with much much more!

    1. Museum of Arts and Design adds nightlife to its collection [NYPress]

    The Museum of Arts and Design kicked off its FUN Fellowship Thursday night, awarding a year of financial and logistical support to four New York party prodigies. The program was the idea of the Director of Public Programs Jake Yuzna, who is 28 and lives in Williamsburg.  Those being awarded include:

    "Judy, a floating "happening" that describes itself as "a queer dance party that wants to create space for our community to cohere in sweat and music"; Cameron Cooper and Zach Cole, who throw the GAG! party; Lauren Devine and Patrik Sandberg, who throw digitally themed parties at apartments and bars; and Downtown nightlife impresario and performance fixture Earl Dax. New York is still the center of the cultural world, according to Yuzna, "but it's not going to emerge out of nowhere. So let's support them, not people looking to make money off of $18 drinks."

    To kick things off, Michael Alig, Joey Arias, Ladyfag, and Michael Musto held a panel discussion called "Nightlife: An Oral History of NYC Club Culture."

    2. Gallery Bar Settles, Will Reopen Tonight [Eater]

    After being closed last Friday after being declared a public nuisance by a court order, Gallery bar owners settled out of court and are set to open the doors tonight. In compliance with the settlement, extra security will be on hand.

    3. Where the Lights Aren’t Neon [NYT]

    The Tipsy Diaries hits Times Square to find bars that aren't terrible and against all logic, succeeds. Where to go that isn't full of neon lighting and tourists? The Bar Downstairs inside the new Andaz 5th Avenue hotel, the Lambs Club at the Chatwal Hotel, and Rum House on West 47th Street.

    4. Lindsay Lohan Hits The NYC Club Circuit, PDAs [PageSix] [Image Via]

    Lindsay Lohan, who has until until March 25 to decide if she'll plead guilty to allegations she stole a $2,500 necklace from a jewelry store, is using her time as a free (and sober!) woman wisely. She went on a rager this week in New York.

    Wednesday night she hit The Lion followed by 2 clubs where she was spotted sucking face with a "mystery man."

    "She even managed to fit in a secret rendezvous with former girlfriend Samantha Ronson at the Standard Hotel earlier that afternoon, although they were spotted leaving separately."

    A source told us, "There was no way she was going to stay home with her mom. She had dinner, and then, bringing along her water bottle, went clubbing to SL, where she hung out with Tyson Beckford and got in the booth with DJ Phresh. She seemed totally sober and upbeat. She asked if Sam Ronson had been there the night before."

    Next up she hit 1Oak.

    She is insisting to TMZ she did not drink.

    5. A new owner for the Chelsea Hotel? [Page Six]

    There has been plenty of speculation the Andre Balazs was primed to put down on the Chelsea, but a new front-runner has emerged. David Edelstein, president of New York-based Tristar Capital, which developed the W Hotel South Beach and opened the W Hotel London this week, plans to turn it into a swanky condo hotel. And with that, a legend is doomed to die.

    6. St. Patrick's Day Miracle As Ryan Maguire's Reopens [Eater]

    Ryan Maguire's Ale House, which was destroyed by a fire, has reopened! The Financial District pub managed to rebuild itself just in time for St. Pat's.

    7. Ice Cream Truck Drug Ring Busted [NYP]

    It's all Good Humor until someone gets busted for oxy's.  A Staten Island ice-cream vendor was busted for allegedly selling huge quantities teh drug out of his Lickety Split truck. How do you know if your local cream slinger is dealing dope? Late hours.

    "I'd hear the music, and the truck would come in selling ice cream," said one retired cop from the Pleasant Plains neighborhood, asking not to be named. "It did get a little frustrating when it would be out there at 9 o'clock at night. I'd think, why the hell is he selling ice cream at night?"

    8. 36 Creative Drink Coasters [Trendhunter]

    Everyone needs a drink coaster to set their wine, highball, beer, what-have-you on. Why not set it on something awesome. There is even a coaster that detects if your drink has been roofied. Take it with you the next time you hit Hoboken or the Meatpacking District.

    9. On A Diet? To Drink Or To Eat? [NYDN]

    Trying to conserve your calories but not willing to give up the fun of drinking?  NYDN has a list of junk food you could eat compared to how many glasses of wine you could consume for the same amount of calories.

    10. Where To Drink Outside Now. [Gothamist]

    A great list of bars to get your drink on and enjoy the nice weather.

    11. If you are going to vandalize something, don't do it to anything Pete Wentz owns. [EV Greive]

    Last night when a 20 year old was spotted tagging the roll down gate in front of Angels and Kings, 12 cops showed up at the scene. 12! Do not fuck with the Prince of Emo.