NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 7, 2011

    The Soho House death gets explored, the ultimate club promoter book has a funky twist, and Strategic Group might open a Hamptons boite. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up.

    1. Death At Soho House [NYTimes]

    The New York Times had a long piece this weekend about the murder of aspiring swimwear designer Sylvie Cachay. As the article sums up the tension of the fiasco:

    "It was a tabloid sensation: a young, attractive woman with a glamorous career, 'a famous fashion designer,' as she was described in the news media (though she was not yet that), and a much younger boyfriend who sounded like trouble. He was Nicholas Brooks, 24, a man who was often out of work, with whom she argued on several occasions and whose father, the Oscar-winning songwriter Joseph Brooks, was at the center of another scandal, accused of raping or sexually assaulting numerous young women in an ongoing case. Ms. Cachay had told her family over Thanksgiving that she was breaking off the relationship."

    The article provides a fascinating glance at the trajectory of her career from her stints with Marc Jacobs to Tommy Hilfiger and interesting biographical info like the fact that she married her college boyfriend in what turned into a fizzled relationship at odds with her rising fame. The article also asserts that Cachay may have been so attached to Brooks, because he consoled her when one of her teacup poodles was hit by a car and forced to undergo euthanasia.

    2. Author Of Club Promoter Book Also Wrote New Car Book [@NYNightlife, Amazon]

    Anthony J. Coe, who wrote a book called How to Become a Night Club Promoter (MC Publications, 2008), strangely also penned How To Buy A New Car At or Below Invoice With Poor Credit. In our time on the nightlife circuit, we have never viewed purchasing a car (especially with poor credit) as an endeavor in tandem with successfully repping a boite. But maybe there's some strange, unforeseen correlation or overlap in knowledge base?

    3. SL East will open up in the Lily Pond space in East Hampton. [NY Post]

    [Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum]

    "EMM Group front men Eugene Remm, Mark Birnbaum and Michael Hirtenstein will open SL East this summer in the former Lily Pond space in East Hampton..."

    This is huge news for the inevitable game of nightclub musical chairs that greets that fine smattering of Long Island every year. Last year, Curbed reported that Remm and Birnbaum would take over The Georgica venue for the summer and re-brand it SL Southhampton (in reference to their MPD club Simyone Lounge).

    4. Will Strategic Group Open Tao East or Lavo East? [@NYNightlife]

    Speaking of Hamptons club land, could Noah Tepperberg enhance his reign over nightlife by bringing his New York/Las Vegas mainstays to the South Fork?

    5. Nicky's Opens In the East Village [EV Grieve]

    "On Friday night, we reported that the new location of Nicky's had a soft opening on East Fourth Street between Avenue A and Avenue B..."

    The joint will open in the next week and is looking for a liquor license at the new location. This marks a hip addition to the EV.

    6. The 12th Annual Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade Rocked the Bowery [Bowery Boogie]

    "Thousands of spectators flooded all points of the route. There were plenty of cops on hand to police the scene, but some were busy shoot photos with their iPhones. But we wanted a prime view of the action, so we scored a money-shot perch on the Manhattan Bridge overlooking East Broadway."

    As Bowery die-hards, we loved seeing this rocking parade during the bright Sunday afternoon.

    7. Party Crasher Murders Host Of A Surprise Birthday [NY Daily News]

    "A young Queens woman was killed by a party crasher who fired shots through a closed door after she helped toss him from the bash Sunday, cops and her family said."

    A saddening tale of nightlife tragedy.

    8. Charlie Sheen's Porn Star Speaks Out [NY Daily News]

    "Sexy porn star Capri Anderson isn't surprised Charlie Sheen is still reveling in his role as Hollywood's biggest hell-raiser. Anderson, the 22-year-old hottie cops found cowering naked behind a locked bathroom door in Sheen's suite at The Plaza hotel last October, said his latest antics are another sad chapter in the life of a serious addict."

    She naturally provides eloquent commentary and profound insight into Sheen's character.

    9. Pauly D Can't Get A Table At Super Bowl Party [NY Daily News[

    [Mark Salling, Pauly D, and Adrian Grenier]

    "At Maxim magazine's Saturday night bash, Adrian Grenier beat out a bunch of promising young rookies...And at the same event, yet another fan-favorite underdog battled adversity. Pauly D may have scored the first 'Jersey Shore' spin-off (working title: 'Pauly's World'), but he still can't get into parties. Maybe Maxim's staff just don't like 'Jersey Shore': the management made Pauly and his entourage wait in the VIP line for almost 30 minutes."

    This is sweet proof that "Jersey Shore" fame doesn't hold the same cachet we previously expected.