NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Mara Siegler · April 18, 2011

    CV operators plan new venture close to home, Joseph Schwartz and Sasha Petraske plan swank new cocktail bar in the Financial District, Mars Bar says "thank you,"  Veselka on Bowery is close to opening, neighbors hate Chumley's and it isn't even open yet, plus more. Today's nightlife roundup is waiting for the fun to start.

    1. CV Operators Planning New Club [Eater][Image Via]

    Last week we learned that CV in The Hotel on Rivington, which is currently hosting the theater performance LARGO, is closing. So what are its operators Jed Stiller and Matthew Isaacs going to do? They've hooked up with the food providers Chef and Company from THOR, located in the lobby of the hotel, to run the space after it converts Matt Levine's former Levant East into a restaurant focused on small plates and sharing. CV will be a tequila bar.

    "As for CV, Isaacs and Stiller say they "retain the rights to the name CV and its likeness and we are currently searching for a new home for our staff and operation."

    Say goodbye during one last party April 29 and 30.

    2. Joseph Schwartz And Sasha Petraske Plan New Cocktail Bar [Grubstreet]

    Joseph Schwartz and Sasha Petraske are planning to offer up their haute cocktails at another location in the city. Seventy-five Murray Street will have 125 seats for those who want to enjoy classic cocktails while listening to jazz. Little Branch's Vito Dieterle will be booking a few of the acts.

    3. Chumley's To Reopen, Neighbors Already Trying To Stop It [Eater]

    Chumley's closed four years ago. It was a fun place and shut down due to structural issues. It's been fixed up and is moving closer to being ready. Neighbors, being the sort that Mr. Rogers would never converse with, have already started petitioning against the reopening.

    "The petition contends that Chumley's "will no longer operate as a speakeasy, but more closely to a sports bar" and that its renovation was funded by the Fireman's Union. Thus, neighbors need be concerned of "drunk and loud tourists," talking and smoking in the street, noise in the courtyard, and "Frequent honking, caused by delays as drunk patrons try to hail cabs on Bedford Street."

    4. Sneak Peek: Veselka on Bowery [EvGrieve]

    Hurrah! It's slated to be ready by May or early June.

    5. Mars Bar Says Thanks [EVGrieve]

    If you look above where it says Mars Bar, you will see a sad goodbye.The end looms near.

    6. LES Not Mardi Gras, According To The Law [Eater]

    The NYPD has been cracking down on the LES in the past few months. Captain David Miller, the 7th precinct's new executive officer seems to have it out for the neighborhood. He used to work in Chelsea and has dealt with nightclub related violence before.

    "At a meeting last week, Miller said he expects security to do their job and for bar owners to enforce noise and underage drinking rules or face the consequences. Miller also denied the claim that rather than work with a bar owner that he has an issue with, the NYPD simply shuts a bar down on a Friday night without warning, saying that "no bar owner who’s ever had a problem can tell you I did not walk in there first and talk with them personally".

    He also made it clear that "It’s not a Mardi Gras situation down here."  Los Feliz reopened this weekend and Mason Dixon is expected to reopen soon.

    7. Alphabet City Gets Revitalized [NYP]

    The New York Post has a slideshow of new restaurants in Alphabet City with the premise being "The once gritty far East Village gets revitalized as new restaurants and bars score As and Bs." Places listed include Edie & Wolf, Percy's Tavern, Goat Town and Bedlam.

    8. Siren Festival Dies, 4Knots Is Born [FreeWilliamsburg]

    Jelly Pool Parties won't be returning to Williamsburg this year and now this: The Village Voice's Siren Festival, which has taken place for a decade on the garbage dump made of midgets, hot dogs, and actual garbage known as Coney Island, has been canceled! But there is good news. The Voice will be throwing 4Knots July 16 at the South Street Seaport:

    “The 4Knots Music Festival will feature renowned and emerging artists from today’s music scene performing live all day in front of what is sure to be an extremely large and enthusiastic audience. A full lineup of the day’s events will be announced in coming weeks."

    Fingers crossed.