NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 14, 2011

    Armin Amiri's Mister H. has a strong first showing, and Andre Saraiva gives the scoop on Le Baron. Find more about Lady Gaga's LES and which bars are best to escape from a bad date. Get your New York nightlife fix now.

    1. Armin Amiri Hosts Prabal Gurung at Mister H. [GofG]

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    Mega nightlife player Armin Amiri opened his Chinatown hotspot Mister H. this weekend. The bar played host to designer Prabal Gurung's afterparty with Mia Moretti spinning. Attendees included J.Crew's Jenna Lyons and even Barbara Bush.

    The club feels like a speak-easy Chinese restaurant in '20s San Francisco or a Shanghai demi-monde lair; the lights are neon-red, the bar modern and metallic but with the hints of Asian authenticity: bird cages and little red propaganda books.

    It feels part luxury dim sum joint gone nocturnal and part rub-n-tug parlor turned into a dance hall. In a sense, it's a classier Happy Ending.


    2. Andre Saraiva Gives the Inside Scoop On Le Baron NYC [GofG]

    [Andre Saraiva. Image via NY Times]

    Saraiva talked with GofG about the the much-delayed  opening of Le Baron which he expects ready in March. H.

    He dished on why Chinatown is hot:

    "I love Chinatown, and for me Chinatown became one of the rare places in New York where you have a real New York feeling. It's not too ritzy, it's not fashion stores, it still have its soul. I think it's one of the rare places in New York that still has a soul."

    He told us he seeks to create an ideal space for his social circle:

    "I really think I make a place, because I love it and put my soul in it, and I'm not really a promoter. I never saw my place like a business, I always saw it more like a place I want to hang out and I do it for people to like, so that's maybe why. Lionel Bensemoun and I, we made Le Baron just because there was nowhere in Paris we could go, so we said, let's do a place where we can go and play the music we like and hang out with our friends."

    What's his preferred place to hang?

    "My favorite place? Lit. That's it. It smells bad but I love it. I love the people who do it."

    What about the new Hollywood place?

    "We're opening with Paul Sevigny, the one I made Beatrice with. So we're opening a club in Hollywood called Paul and Andre Hollywood."

    3. Lady Gaga On The Lower East Side [Bowery Boogie]

    In an TV segment pegged for the Grammy Awards, Anderson Cooper does a 60 Minutes Interview with Lady Gaga. She tells Anderson Cooper to call her Gaga but explains she doesn't want people to call her that in bed: it freak her out.

    See her on a stroll past her former residence at 176 Stanton Street for some authentic LES nightlife history.

    4. The Best Spot To Dump The Ol' Ball And Chain [NYTimes]

    This Valentine's Day, if you need to get rid of a lover to spruce up your nightlife game, find this go-to guide.

    "Even in a guide to restaurants for dating and dumping--with categories like 'hottest servers,' about places where you can 'ogle, flirt and get a not-so-hot reaction out of your date--one section stands out. The listing restaurant with multiple exits.

    'Excuse yourself to the bathroom and don't come back,' advises the 'Essential Dating and Dumping Guide,' released just in time for Valentine's Day.'

    Apparently the LES's Lucky Jack's is perfect for ditching your date. [Image via]

    5. Serge Becker Warming Miss Lily's

    [Image via GrubStreet]

    Serge Becker will be hosting a friends and family tasting For Valentine's Day tonight at his new Caribbean restaurant, Miss Lily's. The place is located at 132 West Houston St. and famously drew opposition from Anna Wintour, whose abode is in striking proximity to the resto.