NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 28, 2011

    Learn how to spot a club owner, how Kelly Osbourne took over Mars Bar, and how Snooki got friendly at Teqa. Check out Odeon's benefit and how Eugene Remm does a Friday night. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up.

    1. How To Spot Club "Owners" [Notes On Nightlife]

    "So we all see them out...some we run towards, others we run from. The 'club owners' I put this in quotations because most of you actually think they own the space. They don't. They are the faces, almost mascots for these clubs whose job is to basically be VIP promoters. The top guns. They might own a very small percentage."

    The writer points out how to spot these small bit owners.

    "Usually at the table closest to the DJ or too hard to get to. Most common people won't dare or even have a chance to sit there. If you find yourself lucky enough to be at their table...they are usually surrounded by models or quality civilians and are kind of sitting back looking among their club with this seeping ego you can feel a mile away."

    2. Kelly Osbourne Takes Over Mars Bar [Gothamist]

    "Recently Kelly Osourne became a model for the Material Girl by Madonna and her daughter Lourdes. For the shoot, they revisited Madonna's old stomping ground of the East Village and used some its mainstay bars as a backdrop--namely Mars Bar and Lit."

    3. Snooki and Kelly Bensimon Get Friendly At Teqa [amNY]

    "Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi and Kelly Bensimon were among the guests at the super-crowded private opening of Teqa--a new tacos-and-tequila joint in Murray Hill--on Thursday night. The model-tall 'Real Housewife' and the itty-bitty 'Jersey Shore' star were hanging out and posing for photos together at a private table."

    4. Odeon To Host Benefit [Paper]

    Tonight "Jennifer Rubell, Lisa Spellman and Julie Gilhart are hosting a party to benefit Edible Schoolyard at The Odeon."  DJ Harry McNally will spin in this party to benefit this organic garden and kitchen classform for public school students in Berkley, CA.

    5. A Night Out With Eugene Remm of Abe and Arthur's and Tenjune [Eater]

    Ever wonder what Friday night is like for a club owner?

    "The night gets started around 5:00 when I run from the corporate office to Abe & Arthur's to sit down and review the night's reservation list with our GM and reservationist. This is when we review VIPs, seating, and special instructions from our best customers. We have 450 covers on the books tonight...very excited. Thirty minutes later, I walk next door from Abe & Arthur's to our designer iCrave's office for a meeting..."

    Follow Remm over to SL and through a wild night.