NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Monday

by Cruz Granados · March 14, 2011

    Jon Hamm staggers out of his 40th birthday, David Chang Twitter fights, Lavo expands, Noel Ashman plans a new club, NYPD close down Gallery Bar and 420 Bar and Lounge is targeted by police. Check out the latest in nightlife below!

    1. Jon Hamm showed off more stagger than swagger at his 40th birthday. [NY Daily News]

    The "Mad Men"star celebrated his 40th birthday at the Top of the Standard this past Thursday. He had a little to much fun (read: booze) and had to be helped out at the end of the night. Among those celebrating the star's milestone birthday were "SNL" founder and executive produced Lorne Michaels, actor Paul Rudd and comedian Sarah Silverman.

    2. Vincent Young revisits the past with a young blonde at Velour. Oh Noel Ashman's opening a new club. [NY Daily News]

    "While hanging out at the Chelsea nightspot Velour with club impresario Noel Ashman, former "Bevery Hills 90120" Hills actor Vincent Young fielded the advances of a pretty blond who, a spy says, was "a dead ringer" for Young's ex-flame Kelly Ripa. By the way, we hear that when Ashman isn't revisiting the past, he's thinking about the future -we hear he'll be opening a new club downtown this spring."

    3. NYPD shuts down Gallery Bar on Friday night. [Bowery Boogie]

    Gallery Bar at 120 Orchard Street was shut down by a court order on Friday night due to:

    1. Illegal sale of alcoholic beverages.

    2. Operating in such a manner which endangers the safety/health of a number of persons.

    3. Employment of unlicensed security guards.

    4. Fights and drugs cause police to get involved at 420 Bar and Lounge. [DNA info]

    According to police 420 Bar and Lounge has become such a neighborhood nuisance that action is being taken to shut it down. The police suspect drug activity, fights and underage drinking take place at the noisy hot spot.

    5. Lavo to expand in order to meet revellers needs. [DNA info]

    Community Board 5 gave the exclusive Midtown nightclub the okay to expand in the hope that the extra space would keep revellers from lining up on the streets as they wait behind the velvet rope. Entry into the club is so exclusive that one Yelp user compared it to a college acceptance letter.

    "'Waiting in line outside is like waiting to get your acceptance letter to college or something."

    6. David Chang and Jay Rayner rage Tweet over review of Ma Peche. [Eater]

    The angry chef turned to Twitter to convey his sentiments over Jay Rayner's review of his midtown restaurant Ma Peche. Apparently in his review, Rayner said the place was great except for its lack of desserts. The restaurant does in fact serve desserts and has been for quite some time.