NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Thursday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 10, 2011

    Le Bain gets the hottest D.J.s for Feb, and Susan Sarandon has a picture show. Elaine Kaufman devotees celebrate her birthday, and Mark Sanchez met his nymphet in Lavo. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up!

    1. Le Bain Enlists Blue-Blue-Chip DJ's For February [The Feast]

    "Le Bain continues to reintroduce chichi crowds and D.J.s who work outside the confines of an iTunes playlist this month.Nouveau York programmers Jerome Viger-Kohler and Neil Aline proceed with that Sunday night dance party. Alex from Tokyo merrily segues between electronic genres when he leads the charge this week at a Fashion Week special. On the 20th, dance punk progenitors The Rapture demonstrate their most recent forays into acid house and nu-disco when they headline a Throne of Blood label showcase alongside Bicep, Pulette and Ulysses."

    2. Susan Sarandon Picture Show Tonight [The Feast]

    "Susan Sarandon is putting down the ping-pong paddle for a series of appearances at BAM's 'The Susan Sarandon Picture Show' tribute. Tonight, she leads a post-screening discussion of 1992's druggy 'Light Sleeper' with director (and classic Scorsese collaborator) Paul Schrader."

    3. Kanye and Jay-Z Cause Ruckus At Mercer Hotel [NY Post]

    "Kanye West and Jay-Z have been recording together in high style at the Mercer Hotel this week. The artists have been working together on an album, 'Watch the Throne,' to be released in the summer. A spy reports, 'They took over at least one whole floor and moved in their equipment, which may have annoyed some of the guests.'"

    Intense! We totally called that Kanye was based over on Mercer Street when we saw him at the opening of the George Condo exhibition at the New Museum a few weeks back.

    4. Elaine Kaufman Celebration Tonight [NYPost]

    "A birthday celebration will be held in memory of Elaine Kaufman at her eponymous Upper East Side restaurant tonight, which would have been her 82nd."

    As we reported, the maven of the storied Upper East Side literary saloon died this past December. Tonight a list of no-doubt illustrious New Yorkers will pay their birthday respects.

    5. Isaac Newton Would Be An Awful Drinking Buddy [WSJ]

    The WSJ's SpeakEasy blog interviewed Edward Dolnick, author of The Clockwork Universe: Issac Newton, The Royal Society and the Birth of the Modern World, who suggests you may not have wanted to hit up a bar with the famous physicist.

    "Well, Newton wouldn't have got drunk. He was a terribly puritanical fellow. He was probably the last person in the world that you would want to go to a bar with."

    6. Marc Sanchez Met 17-Year-Old Love at Lavo [DeadSpin]

    Naturally, this DeadSpin story has been making the rounds on the interwebs, but we love the location where Sanchez met his lady, E.K.

    "This New Year's Eve, E.K. and some of her friends were at the Manhattan nightclub Lavo, doing whatever underage girls do at Manhattan nightclubs on New Year's Eve...Sanchez made a cameo there, along with tight end Dustin Keller. He was there long enough to chat up our young protagonist. E.K. told me that Sanchez sidled up to her, and the two talked for a while. She gave him her BlackBerry number and flirted a bit. 'You know I'm 17, right?' she remembers saying. Sanchez kept his cool. 'Well, we can still talk, but I can't see you until you're 18,' he said. 'Actually,' E.K. replied. '17 is legal in New York.' Poise all around."

    Leave it to Lavo to lubricate a torrid love affair.