NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Thursday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · March 3, 2011

    Get a sneak-peak of Parlor New York, discover Rao's secret 9:30 seating, and hear about Lil Jon's Greenhouse performance. Also Four Loko is back, and Death &. Co. temporarily shuts down. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up. 

    1. Parlor New York Preview [GofG]

    GofG got an exclusive look at the private social club space in its pre-opening form. The place has as two-story restaurant/wine cellar and a baroque-styled black and white bar.

    2. Rao's Gets A 9:30 Seating [The Feast]

    At an event to celebrate Vegas Uncork'd, Bon Appetit's festival of culinary indulgence, The Feast caught up with Frank Pellegrino Jr., one of the owners of Rao's, the famous Harlem restaurant.

    "Tables at Rao's are not reserved on a nightly basis, but on a yearly one. Each of the restaurant's approximately 10 tables is controlled by a particular entity on a particular night, with rights to these tables renewed on a yearly basis. Pelligrino let on that as of late the owners have changed their tune, if ever so slightly. They've shown a willingness to give walk-ins tables for a secret 9:30 second seating."

    3. Lil Jon At Greenhouse [Daily News]

    [Lil Jon, via]

    "Tuesday night, the hip-hop artist promoted his upcoming stint on 'Celebrity Apprentice' by arriving at Greenhouse with a friend who, a source there said, wore a huge fake 'Lil Jon head.' After prodding his pal to dance, Jon got on the mic to tell the crowd, 'he doesn't move as well as me.'"

    4. Four Loko Is Baaaack [Bowery Boogie]

    [Four Loko, via]

    "Four Loko is back with its updated formula, sans caffeine. So far, we've spotted the notorious beverage in two neighborhood bodegas--Happiness Deli at 101 Delancey and Healthy Drive at 138 Orchard."

    5. Death & Co. Temporarily In Resting Place [EV Grieve]

    "We noticed that Death & Co. on East Sixth Street wasn't open last evening around 9 or so...they usually open at 6...What's going on?

    Owner David Kaplan told me there's a delay with the liquor license renewal. 'Just the now regular SLA renewal process being slow,' he said last night via e-mail about the temporary closure. They will be back open tonight."