NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Thursday

by Mara Siegler · April 7, 2011

    McSorley's gets scrubbed, Bagatelle finds a new home, bros deliver beer and jerky, the East Village does not want more craft beer, Charlie Sheen has arrived in NYC and has four whole nights to trash the Trump International and more.  Today's nightlife roundup is aggressive!

    1. Old Gas Lamp At McSorley's Gets Cleaned [NYT]

    I never thought cleaning could be sad, but here you go. That unrecognizable gas lamp above is actually what hangs from the ceiling at McSorley's-now that its been scrubbed. Owner Matthew Maher was forced to clean it, along with the dangling wishbones, by the New York City health department.

    "“Reluctantly,” is how Mr. Maher says he approached this task. “It’s kind of — how would you put it? It’s something you didn’t want to touch. It’s the last thing I wanted to touch or see touched.” But it had to be done"

    The legend goes that the wishbones were placed there by John McSorley who "simply liked to save things, including the wishbones of holiday turkeys." However, Mr. Maher says the bones were hung by doughboys as wishful symbols of a safe return from the Great War and those that remain represent those who never came back. The ritual continued and now those who perished in the Civil War hang by those lost in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    2. NYers Send Off Don Hill [NYT]

    The Times has a really nice article about the impromptu gathering that happened the night Don Hill passed away with quotes from all generations and creative types.

    “He treated everyone the same,” Mr. Sheridan said. “If David Bowie walked in, it was no big deal.”

    "It’s a place where people can be themselves,” said Telli, a vocalist in Ninjasonik, a Brooklyn-based punk/rap group. He scanned the writhing crowd through thick black-rimmed glasses. “Look around, it’s ugly,” he said.

    Donna She Wolf said she " viewed Mr. Hill’s death as another blow against the waning spirit of a reckless and creative New York City. “I feel the same way tonight as when Joey Ramone passed away,” she said.

    3. Bagatelle Finds New Home [Eater]

    The Meatpacking's favorite brunch spot has found a new home.

    "A tipster reports that Remi Laba and Aymeric Clemente have signed a deal with frenemy Jonathan Siegel from the One Group to install Bagatelle in the space the currently houses the Collective, a disjointed and frenetic concept that replaced the former One Little West 12th and never caught on with the Meatpacking public."

    The new spot is scheduled to open next Fall. In the meantime, Beaumarchais has taken over the old space and has the same chef, staff, decor, crazy brunch and crowd.

    4. Bar Veloce Is Expanding To Bejing [Craigslist]

    Apply now.

    5. The East Village Plans To Oppose New Craft Beer Bar [EVGrieve]

    The team behind Dempsey's and Sláinte are taking over the Kurve/Rhong Tiam space across the street from the shuttered Sin Sin and neighbors aren't please.

    Owner Tom O'Byrne has met with with members of the East Fifth Street Block Association to discuss Coopers, which will be a  craft-beer-focused bar-restaurant. The Block Association members will be speaking out against approval of a license here during Monday's CB3/SLA meeting.

    6. It's Late, You Need Beer And Jerky, Bro [Downtown Diaries]

    A new delivery service is about to make your drunken nights a bit easier.  Thanks, Bro will bring you beer and beef jerky. That's it, just two options, though they do offer a variety of  beer from Sapporo to Natty Light.The web site is hilarious.

    From the FAQ:

    "Do you have stuff other than beer and beef jerky? We have some other stuff too, if your bro doesn't like beef jerky or beer - but if that's the case we think he's a sissy, just so you know."

    7. Lynn Goldsmith Exhibit Opens At Former CBGBs [Morrison Hotel Gallery]

    Tonight kicks off Lynn Goldsmith's exhibit at Morrison Hotel Gallery "Within a Circle of Friends," which features photos of Bruce Springsteen, Keith Richards, Bob Dylan, U2 and Bob Marley. You will probably recognize Goldsmith's work from her covers for Rolling Stone, Life, Newsweek, Time and People.

    8. Amar'e Stoudemire and Chris Bosh Have Same Taste In Bars [Gatecrasher]

    Longtime rivals Amar'e Stoudemire and Chris Bosh showed up at the Ainsworth to watch the Butler vs. University of Connecticut championship game on Monday. Employees of the upscale sports pub kept them far apart.

    9. Charlie Sheen Allowed In At Least One New York Hotel [NYP]

    Charlie Sheen has booked 12 rooms at the Trump International Hotel for his "Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option," tour.  Just one night at the five-star hotel can cost around $850. A room service breakfast for three from the hotel’s celebrated Jean Georges restaurant can run more than $120. There was not a listed price on cocaine or hookers.