NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Tuesday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 15, 2011

    Armin Amiri tells all, Mark Baker plans Mackage after-party, the Jimmy has the perfect Fashion Week elixir, and Alice+Olivia show stops weddings. Bloomberg likes beer with ice, and Liam Hemsworth fights with bouncers. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up.

    1. Armin Amiri Exclusive [GofG]

    Armin Amiri talked to us exclusively about getting back into New York nightlife at Mister H. after a two year hiatus while pursuing his acting career. Now he's working on a memoir and jump starting his hot new Chinatown club. Read HERE to see how nightlife is affecting his personal life and what visions he has for this new boite.

    2. Big Night At Juliet Planned [GofG]

    Tonight nightlife naysayer Mark Baker is arranging for DJ Ladytron to attend Juliet in what promises to be an action-packed evening. Doors will open at 10.

    3. Drink Like CoCo This Fashion Week [T Mag]

    "Fashion Week has helped inspire a new cocktail for ladies and dandies alike at Jimmy, the new rooftop bar at the James Hotel in SoHo. Chanel No 9 ($18), named after the venerable French fashion house, is a not-too-sweet blend of nine different floral and botanical liquors, including Chartreuse, St. Germaine and Creme de Violette, topped with Champagne."

    Drink in style this week.

    4.The Alice+Olivia Show Interrupts Weddings At The Plaza [The Cut]

    See our coverage from the show HERE.

    Nuptials must wait; there's a fashion show to do.

    "Here's the thing about having an event--say, an Alice+Olivia presentation--at the Plaza on Valentine's Day: A lot of people apparently really want to get married at the Plaza on Valentine's Day, and your guests, therefore, will end up walking through several wedding parties en route to your shindig. In this case, that included one where the bride looked super-irritated by the stream of intrusions. It was kind of like being a walk-on extra in Bride Wars, minus Kate Hudson's heinous bangs."

    5. Bloomberg Learns How To Drink Beer [The Feast]

    [Mike Bloomberg, mage via Politico]

    "Mayor Mike Bloomberg was in hot water with beer connoisseurs at the Brooklyn Brewery yesterday when he confessed to liking his brews on the rocks. 'I actually put ice in my beer. Most people don't.' Bloomberg said during a tour of the newly expanded brewery. After the crowd let out a horrified gasp, the mayor struggled to explain the preference, saying, 'I've always done it. I don't think it comes from Boston.'"

    6. Actor Liam Hemsworth Gets Rough with Bouncers [Daily News]

    [Liam Hemsworth]

    "On the same night his ex-girlfriend Miley Cyrus was dissed at the Grammys, Liam Hemsworth had his own controversy to handle. The Australian actor was videotaped screaming at bouncers outside a Los Angeles club on Sunday night. 'I was on your f-ing side,' Hemsworth, 21, can be heard yelling as he approached two sizable men."