NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Tuesday

by Ross Kenneth Urken · February 22, 2011

    Calvin Klein gets distracted by boys, Fashion Week's party crasher has quite the reputation, and Paris Hilton hears wedding bells from Lavo. The Bowery Hotel is the new hub of rock, and Justin Timberlake brings sexy back in Hell's Kitchen. It's all here in today's nightlife round-up.

    1. Calvin Klein Forgets Credit Card At Pearl Lounge Because He was Distracted By Boys [NYPost]

    [Calvin Klein]

    "Calvin Klein was spotted out to dinner with two handsome men--and was so distracted he left his credit card behind. The designer, 68, dined on oysters and wine with his partner, model Nick Gruber, 21, at the Pearl Lounge on Eight Avenue last Thursday. Nick Rytting, general manager of The Box, joined the couple before he whisked them off to the Lower East burlesque club. Klein...may have been absorbed by his companions when he left the restaurant without his credit card."

    2. Fashion Week's Notorious Party Crasher [NYPost]

    "Fashion Week crasher Peter Gianquinto, whose pal talked the two of them into the front row of Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. show by claiming to be Matt Damon's rep, has quite a name for himself. According to press reports, a man named Peter Gianquinto was busted for fraud for posing as Elton John's manager in order to get tickets to a dinner at the Four Seasons and also posed as a rep for the Rolling Stones. It's even been reported he was questioned about links to murderous DC sniper John Muhammad."

    3. Paris Hilton's Birthday At Lavo Gives Her Marriage Fever [Daily News]

    [Paris Hilton]

    Just after Paris Hilton celebrated her 30th birthday at Lavo on Thursday, she had some serious nuptial hankerings.

    "Cy Waits may be putting a ring on it. Paris Hilton and her businessman beau were spotted shopping for engagement rings in New York City on Friday...The couple, who started dating last summer, reportedly went to Jacob&Co. where they discussed the various diamond rings for sale."

    Hilton's rep claims the two were just shopping for a birthday present.

    4. Is The Bowery Hotel The New Bastion Of Rock? [CityRoom]

    "In some ways it was a very rock 'n' roll after-party: guests whispered a password at the door of the Bowery Hotel (it was 'Radio City') and passed through a hall of exposed brick, into a crowd dotted with the expected number of motorcycle jackets and the sort of young men who protect their eyes from UV rays--indoors, at night. But though the guests at the party celebrating the band Interpol's stellar gig at Radio City Music Hall on Thursday night included the usual indie rock melange of D.J.'s ex- and current girlfriends of the band and music journalists, there was none of the genre's usual grit."

    It seems rock has lost its edge or perhaps nestled in more refined latitudes..

    "It was a far cry from Black and White, the East Village bar whose sticky and cigarette-strewn floor was once the band's regular stomping ground. 'This is what rock has turned into,' said Sarah Lewitinn, aka the legendary Lower East Side D.J. Ultragrrrl, sitting on a banquet in the hotel's courtyard. 'It used to be hanging out in basements of bars,' she said. 'You had each other's dark secrets in your pocket. When you have to pay $12 for a drink, you lose the rock 'n' roll element of it all.'"

    5. Justin Timberlake Helped Open Southern Hospitality On Friday [@NYNightlife]

    [Justin Timberlake. Image via]

    The new Hell's Kitchen outpost of the bar and bbq joint on 45th and 9th had JT at its opening. The singer/actor created the place with friends Eytan Sugarman and Trace Ayala, and it has been receiving much fanfare in the press.