NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Tuesday

by Meghan Makela · March 15, 2011

    A model sets to make the new Eldridge more inclusive, Sean Parker goes out and about and loves the decor, an opening date is set for the Frying Pan, a final date set for the Pogues, Wine tasting and delicious punch to tantalize your taste buds, Greg Grossman bombs at the Pop Up Pop Art Restaurant and more! It's all in today's nightlife roundup!

    1. An Inside Guide To The Best Open Mics In NYC [GofG]

    Do you play guitar? Do you have too many feelings and no outlet for them? Then this post has just the thing for you! That's right, for a not-so-limited time only, you can play at an OPEN MIC! Or, you know, just go to one to listen. Here are some of the best open mics in town guaranteed to rock your inner Marc Bolan to his very core.

    2.The Hip Set Comes Out For The Kills At Don Hill's [GofG]

    Fresh off their performance at the Mondrian Soho, The DeLeon Rock Lounge & Nur Khan Sessions brought The Kills to Don Hill's. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince took the stage around midnight this Saturday to play a packed house of A-list scenesters.

    3. Model/Real Estate Broker has big plans for revamping The Eldridge. [Eater]

    Big news for night life. We heard the other day that Matt Levine sold the Eldridge for $500,000, but just who did he give the key to? Former model and now real estate broker Sean Hughes who plans on making the venue

    "more inclusive -- instead of creating a super-super hip place where people pay ultra-high prices for bottle service."

    The new owner will be ripping out the bar and the banquettes before reopening in May with a new name.

    4. Facebook Co-Founder struck gold! [NY Post]

    Sean Parker, founder of Napster and played by Justin Timberlake in the Social Network, was spotted til the wee hours of the morning at the downtown lounge Goldbar with his girlfriend Alexandra Lenasand other colleagues admiring the lounges trendy décor.

    "Parker told Jonny Lennon, who hosts Goldbar's Sunday party, that he loved the gold skulls lining the walls of the cavernous room and they reminded him of his trips to Paris' Catacombs."

    5. Teen chef not so hot in the kitchen. [NY Daily News]

    Greg Grossman created a five course meal for Manhattan VIP's at the Sanctuary Hotel last Thursday night for the The Feast: Pop Up Pop Art Restaurant. It was his debut to entering the world of reality television.

    "First up was a dish based on one of Jeff Koons' balloon dog sculptures. Alas, the frozen — and very orange — concoction, made with carrot, Stilton cheese and cardamom, had diners thinking "bib" not "Bieber," and a crestfallen Grossman watched as the majority of the creations were returned to the kitchen, barely touched."

    Unfortunately Grossman's edible art wasn't impressive to his A-list guests.  Luckily the teen cooking sensation was able to redeem himself Thursday night with a steak that was inspired by artist Roy Lichtenstein's "Meat" painting.

    For more on The Feast: Pop Up Pop Art Restaurant go HERE. To see more pics, take a look at GogG's gallery HERE.

    6. Warmer weather brings guests to The Frying Pan. [DNAinfo]

    For those counting down the days until May 1st there is some exciting news! Manhattan's summer sensation The Frying Pan has promised its regular guests that they will be able to come drink the day away starting on St. Patrick's! While the usual beer by the bucket won't be offered, there still will be drinking, fun and chaos. Following the holiday until May 1st the water side bar will be open on evenings above 60 degrees.

    7. James Blake's first American show is a sold out success. [The Feast]

    Dubstep musical artist James Blake performed a sold out show at the Music Hall of Willamsburg, his first concert in the US. Björk, Antony and the Johnson's Antony Hegarty and a few members of the Dirty Projectors were amongst the many spectators.

    8. Irish band Pogues US tour comes to an end. [NY Post]

    Irish rock band Pogues, fronted by Shane MacGowan, will be playing their final gigs this week at Terminal 5, culminating with their farewell show on St. Patrick's Day. The tour has been called "A parting Shot."

    9. Spotted: Tyra Banks At Buddakhan [GofG]

    Tyra was getting dinner at Buddakhan last night. Our spies say her breasts do not look real in real life!