NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need To Know Wednesday

by Kirby Allison · June 8, 2011

    The Lot on Tap opens on the Highline; alcohol to be permitted at Bryant Park movie nights; a swanky lounge is opening on top of the Hilton; Lady Gaga reigns in her bouncers at top of the Standard; bottle service is making a comeback and more! Tonight's nightlife roundup is ready to drop some cash!

    1. The Lot on Tap opens tonight [Eater]

    This bar and food truck destination is situated under the latest phase of the Highline located at 30th Street and 10th Ave. It seats 350 people and will be serving tap beer and food all summer long.

    2. Beer and Wine will now be served at Bryant Park Movie Nights [DNAInfo]

    Movie goers can now be law abiding citizens when they want to get tipsy at the movies. Bryant Park is petitioning selling beer and wine at kiosks during free movie nights. And who says a night at the movies is low key...

    3. New XVI Lounge Opens on Top of a Hilton Garden Inn [BlackBook]

    Yeah, you heard me. A lounge has opened on top of a budget, family friendly hotel-in Midtown no less. But, don't be fooled, this swanky rooftop lounge is giving some sex appeal to the chain hotel. A side entrance and chic appeal, this may prove to be a hot nightlife destination.

    4. Bottle Service is back! [NYP]

    If you don't mind dropping upwards of $300 for one bottle of your favorite liquor and some mixers (or find a sugar-daddy to buy it for you) then this trend, making a come back, is for you. No longer a victim of the recession, bottle service has made its way back into our lives and favorite clubs.

    5. Lady Gaga is on a Heater [DNAInfo] [NYP]

    After being honored with the Fashion Icon award at the CFDA Awards Gaga celebrated on top of The Standard Hotel with a performance with Patti LaBelle (So many divas!). A fan tried to snap a photo of the pop goddess only to be roughed up by her security guard. Being the angel that she is, Gaga told her goon to leave the fan alone. How sweet.  To add to her successes, Gaga's restaurant Vince and Eddies will be reopened as Second Wind in the Upper West Side. Apparently there really isn't anything that Gaga can't do.

    6. Boathouse supervisors Rocking the Boat[DailyNews]

    Supervisors at Central Park's famed boathouse are being accused by six current and former employees of sexual harassment. The charges are against this famed eatery citing hostile work environment. According to the women who are suing the establishment, managers would ask for sex, pressure them to go on dates and cop a few feels. Yikes!

    7. Cool off with some of the city's best frozen drinks [Eater]

    12 of the best ways to cool down have been discovered in the form of a well mixed drink. As the summer heats up, this is my favorite way to cool down.

    8. Lavo says F&%k you to The Hamptons [NYmag]

    We didn't think we would say this, but this makes the old Lavo brunch with scantily clad waitresses and loud as hell music seem classier. Lavo is now having bikini brunches complete with a $10,000 bottle of champagne. Guests are encouraged to show up in beach wear, that includes women in bikinis. Right, because when I day drink and nurse last night's hangover with eggs and bacon I totally want to be in a bikini...

    9. You really can become a wine expert! [Elle]

    We love wine bars, but mainly because there is wine involved, Not because of the oaky and cinnamon hues of an aged dry Merlot...huh? Now those of us who just love wine because it's wine can get schooled when it comes to vino and practice the proper etiquette at the tastings thanks to Elle's Newbie Guide to Wine.