NYC Nightlife: Everything You Need You Know Thursday

by Mara Siegler · March 31, 2011

    The Ace Hotel has its liquor license renewed, Darby IceGate continues, Acme Bar gets gutted, new bars opening in the East Village, Snoop Dogg performs a secret show, Lindsay Lohan goes on a pub crawl and more. Today's nightlife roundup is getting boozy!

    1. Ace Hotel Gets Liquor License Renewed [DnaInfo]

    Bourgeois Bohemian mecca the Ace Hotel has gotten several complaints about noise, lines, late night crowds, etc, but all has been forgiven. A committee has voted unanimously to recommend renewing the Ace Hotel's liquor licenses after its management agreed to appease community concerns by hiring extra security and limiting its lower-level space to private parties.

    2. The Darby Explains Their Unconscionable $2 Charge For Ice [NYDN]

    Yesterday we learned that the Darby was charging $2 for frozen water. Here's their defense:

    "Drinks with ice get a bigger pour...We charge more because we use more alcohol for a drink served with ice. We're not charging for the ice...Clearly, this person doesn't go out much and doesn't know how things work."

    3. Yelpers Hilariously Debates Darby IceGate [Yelp]

    The Yelp forums are on fire debating the Darby's $2 charge for ice:

    "I find it rather fishy.  Most bars should be using a "count" pour, or a 1.5oz pour.  Either way, it shouldn't matter if there's ice or not.  I think it's a workaround for an owner that is pissed that his bartenders are pouring heavy.  Train the bartenders, don't screw the customers."

    "maybe they're using fancy water for the ice?"

    "I bartended for years and rocks and neat pours are certainly different than a mixed highball drink pour.  If a bartender poured you a single shot into a rocks glass, it would look really small and you'd complain.  Hence the heavier pour and the extra charge.  it's not new, it's not out of the ordinary.  Just move on already."

    People make some good points and then it devolves into name calling and just gets funny:

    "I can't wait to tell my friends I was engaged in conversation with somebodies in the FOOD INDUSTRY."

    4. A Look Inside The Gutted Acme Bar [EVGrieve]

    At first everyone thought Acme Bar and grill was closing, but it turns out the 25 year old bar is just getting a make-over. Here's what it looks like thus far.

    Bob Pollock told Fork in the Road:

    "When it reopens, Pollock says, "it's not going to be the roadhouse look anymore. It will have a more contemporized look. Warm and at the same time contemporary. When you go in there, you'll have the reminiscence of Acme. It'll be on the walls."

    5. New Bars Opening In The East Village [DnaInfo]

    1) A new bar/restaurant from the operators of Dempsey's on Second Avenue and Slàinte on the Bowery is slated to land open in the former Rhong Tiam space at the corner of East 5th Street. There will be a  20-foot bar, 15 tables, a sidewalk café, three televisions and music.

    2) Irish pub Finnerty's between 13th and 14th streets wants to add a second bar to its space.

    3) Over on First Avenue, outer-borough import South Brooklyn Pizza is expanding its operation into an adjacent storefront, which will include two bars and 14 tables, CB 3's record show.

    6. Snoop Dogg rocks The Box [PageSix]

    The D-O-double G hit The Box this past Tuesday night for a surprise performance. He sang "Wet," from his new album, and his No. 1 hit, "Drop It Like It's Hot," at 3 a.m.

    "When Snoop returned to the VIP section, his guards covered the hazy rapper with a curtain so he could smooch with a dark-haired lady who'd been dancing with him all night. Snoop, in his signature shades, seemed stone-faced and unfazed by the flocks of women who approached him for pictures. When we asked him about recording an album with the only entertainer who can keep up with Dogg's ways, Charlie Sheen, he replied, "Yeaaaaaahh." We hear Dogg kept the party going until 6 a.m. He was invited to perform by Box partner Cordell Lochin, who hung out with Snoop for most of the night."

    Maybe this will just be a warm-up for Prince William's wedding?

    7. Lindsay Lohan Continues To Soberly Bar Hop [GateCrasher]

    Lindsay Lohan has checked into a Times Square hotel and is bar-hopping. Lindsay and Samantha Swetra stopped at Rose Bar in the Gramercy Park Hotel before continuing to The Cabin Down Below in the East Village. , an ultra-exclusive bar disguised as a dive.

    8. Paul Sevigny Holds Birthday Bash At Avenue [PageSix]

    Paul Sevigny held his birthday at Avenue on Tuesday night. Guests included fashion designer Max Azria and his two female friends who spent the night making out with each other and giving him a lap dance. Max has, for the record, been married for 20 years.

    9. Bourdain: Brew Masters Was Canceled Because of Big Beer [Eater]

    Rumor is that Dogfish Head founder Sam Calagione's new Discovery Channel show Brew Masters has been canceled, and that "Big Beer" is responsible. Anthony Bourdain Tweeted: " "See what happened to Dogfish/Discovery deal. Big beer threatened to pull ads" leading to suspicions the program's been axed. Andy Crouch tweeted: "Discovery confirms to me cancellation of @dogfishbeer Brew Masters. Blames poor audience reception."even though the show's ratings were in the millions per episode.

    The lesson: Don't fuck with Anheuser-Busch.