The Woodstock

Seeing as I've just begun my journey binge-watching Mad Men (I know, I know), this 1960s-themed joint couldn't have come soon enough. Retro wood panels, portraits of JFK and Jimi Hendrix, and a purple (haze?) billiards table make it seem like your grandpa's basement in the coolest way possible. Communal tables are perfect for munching away on the personal pizza pies flying out of the back oven, but the best thing about The Woodstock is the cocktail menu. The Instagrammable (and very strong) sips are all available for just $10, which is a miracle in the Meatpacking District. Order the "Evil Ways" or the super fun "Light My Fire," which is served in a light bulb (seriously).

The Woodstock, 446 West 14th Street

[Photo by Oleg March]

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