NYC's Stripper Predictions For 2010!

by guestofaguest · January 4, 2010

    Well this is lovely. The strippers over at Rick's Cabaret, 50 West 33rd street, have sent in their 2010 predictions to us. We always love getting tips, and this one was especially entertaining. Along with their names, the girls sent in their measurements for identification! How thoughtful! And, the strippers seem optimistic about the year...

    24 year old Avalon, 34C- 26-36, who dances at Rick's Cabaret in New York, predicts more girls will have stories to tell about Tiger Woods in 2010. "But not us. We don't tattle on the famous people who come to Rick's."

    "Men will continue to like to look at big boobs," said Rick's Cabaret Girl Sheila, 36D-25-34. "Believe me--you can bank on it," she said.

    The economy will get better," says 21 year-old Janet, 33C-24-33, who dances at Rick's. "They say that there is a recession, but I am doing great. Things are good for me now, and will get even better," she says.

    "More people will start taking yoga classes," predicts 24 year-old Monique, 37DD- 27-38. "It's a great way to relax and get your body in tip-top shape," she adds.

    "Spend my spare time tanning," says 21 year old Grace, 36D-27-38. "I have no time to make any other predictions."

    Tanning, Tiger, and Toning. Sounds about right...