Scott Does "The Third Story," Morimoto, And Old Navy Modelquins At 1Oak

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · March 5, 2009

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    Tuesday I began my evening at the new Charles Busch play, "The Third Story." The play stars Kathleen Turner and although the body is gone and the face is a little jowelly, there is still that voice and the woman has talent to spare and plenty of chutzpah. She recently broke her leg and instead of pulling out of the production (a la Jeremy Piven) She had the pants she wears in the show made larger and she performs on stage in a full body cast complete with tennis shoes on her feet, and pulls it off magnificently. Bravo Kathleen-the show must go on indeed!

    Afterward  I headed to Morimoto Restaurant by invitation of those wonder twins Derek and Daniel Koch. More story and photos below...  We had a couple of appetizers and cocktails before heading to the main event at 1OAK.

    1OAK was the venue for the Old Navy Modelquins party. Old Navy ads are always kitschy and this season they take it up a notch by using custom-made mannequins, instead of models. A brilliant strategy considering these models will never charge overtime, bitch, smoke or age. The campaign was developed by an Artwing client, Crispin Porter & Bogusky. Once past the ropes, courtesy of Sherry Cosovic, we ran into scads of friends including Tia Walker, Ali Puliti, David Pullman, Beau Beasley, Filippa Svensson, Alexander Jervy Smith and real live models Stacey McKenzie, Allie Rizzo and Elena Potapova. You better watch your backs girls. I am sure this is a stunt that model agencies across the world are hoping is not going to catch on.