On Second Thought, Just Obey The Damn Smoking Ban

by BILLY GRAY · January 26, 2010

    Likely in response to Douglas Quenqua's name-dropping exposé in the Times earlier this month, New York cops and health officials have (once again) ramped up efforts to enforce the smoking ban in establishments called out for flouting it.

    Steve Lewis breaks news of the revived crackdown over at BlackBook:

    "On January 3 of this new decade, the New York Times blew the whistle and the dogs were unleashed. Nightclubs are being inspected by teams of cops and health department mercenaries constantly and it’s beginning to get ugly. An operator has told me that you can expect a visit at least every other day. Another told me it’s not the visits that are bad, but the attitude. They are carrying cameras and are being very rude to both staff and patrons. The time may be upon us to stop smoking, but they don’t have to be so belligerent."

    On behalf of Guest of a Guest and, well, me: sorry bar owners and smokers. Care to join me outside?