Party Crasher Priyantha De Silva Goes To Jail!

by Georgia Bobley · April 11, 2012

    The party-crashing antics of Priyantha De Silva have finally caught up with him. The New York Post reports that De Silva, who has made a name for himself over the past few years as one of New York's most notorious party-crashers, was sentenced to 1 1/2 to 3 years in prison after pleading guilty to fourth degree grand larceny in Manhattan Supreme Court on March 23.

    De Silva was arrested in January 2011 after crashing the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center's November 2010 Going Gatsby Gala, but getting into a party without being on the guest list doesn't automatically make you a criminal. What does make you a criminal is what De Silva decided to do once he somehow slipped into the gala. Once in, he paid for $150 ticket to the event and a $1500 Prada bag (which he won at the event's silent auction) with a fake credit card, and that's when things started going downhill.

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    De Silva was arraigned and bail was set at $7,500, but since he didn't have the cash (and fake credit cards don't work in jail), De Silva was forced to spend the weeks leading up to his trial at Riker's Island.

    After years of snaking his way into some of Manhattan's most exclusive parties, it was inevitable that the law would catch up with him, especially because this wasn't the first time that De Silva has cheated a charity. In 2010 he pulled a similar stunt to what he did at the Elizabeth Seton Pediatric Center Gala when he talked his way into the intimate Young Philanthropists of the  Cancer Research Institute dinner.

    [Priyantha De Silva at an event where he stole money from cancer research]

    But it's not just gatecrashing and stealing from charities that this sweaty, drunk turtle is guilty of -- De Silva is an imposter: he's impersonated Conde Nast editors and the producer of the movie "Crash" in order to get into events; he's tried to open bank accounts with fake information; and he had a warrant out for his arrest after getting caught peeing on Meadow Lane in Southampton. He even once held his own birthday party at an event he wasn't invited to!

    It's about time someone put this guy in the slammer. De Silva will be sentenced later this month, maybe there are some parties for him to crash in jail.

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