Patricia Field/Keith Haring Party: The Return Of The Club Kids?

by Chiara Atik · February 12, 2010

    Did the Patricia Field/Keith Haring party last night at Good Units usher in the return of the Club Kids scene? The outrageous costumes on parade last night certainly seemed like a revival of the early 90s New York scene. The prevalent use of bright colors and neon body paint made the guests at the party look like a natural extension of the grafiti that adorns Good Units' walls.


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    One original club kid who could vouch for the party's authenticity was Richie Rich, who attended along with Kelly Osborne, Michael Musto, Patrick McDonald, and of course Patricia Field herself. Though guests at Good Units' first party complained of poor phone reception, this glitch seemed to have been no issue for the party goers last night who frequently and excitedly tweeted about the "insane" scene, and referenced Studio 54.

    So was the party the start of a new (old) era? Or just a one-off celebration of the creativity and costuming that used to prevade New York nightlife?  Check out the pictures below and judge for yourself...