Patrick McMullan's 20th Anniversary Party At Elaine's And 1Oak As Experienced By Scott

by SCOTT BUCCHEIT · February 11, 2009

    [Patrick McMullan celebrates 20 Years at 1Oak. Photo by NICK HUNT]

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    Last night found me at the upper crust stomping ground Elaine's for Patrick McMullan's 20th Anniversary Party. I have actually never been to the infamous spot, its heyday was a little before my time, and was thrilled to actually experience the place named after its crusty owner, Elaine Kaufman. I was not disappointed, and at times I felt like I was transported right back into the gogo 80s. At one point I was actually sandwiched between Marissa Berenson and Kathy and Rick Hilton, while Sylvia Miles sat across from me munching on the non stop hors d'oeuvre.

    More story and photos below...

    Interview threw the soiree, and as is always the case, lots of high profile names mixed with downtown royalty. I came as the arm candy of Interview's Susan Kilkenny, who was a little stressed most of the evening waiting for the night's hostess, Kimora Lee to arrive. Kimora's was atypically on time and brought her own arm candy Djimon Honsou. Kimora looked stunning but I really couldn't take my eyes off of Djimon! A flurry of flashbulbs alerted me to the arrival of my girl Lydia Hearst Shaw who literally stole the show in her gorgeous Herve Leger gown. She was accompanied by Ally Hilfiger, and their publicist, the always chipper, Allan Rish. I literally ran into Gayle King who was just as sweet and gracious as she could be. Patrick was of course taking pictures and mingling with all the well wishers who came to honor him.

    Others at the party included: Iman, Tina Louise, Michael Musto,Anne Slater, Alba Clemente, George Wayne, David Gruning, Cornelia Guest, Mary Boone, Kenny Kenny, Tony Shafrazi, Stephanie Wei, Stephanie Seymour, Liam McMullan, Mark Warfel, Juiliano De Rossi, Olivia Palermo, Johannes Huebl, Countess Luan DeLesseps, Patrick McDonald, Stephen KeefeNick Hunt, Richard Christiansen, Glenn O'Brien and birthday girls Marie La France and Elaine Kaufman. As the evening wore down Patrick hushed the crowd to thank everyone and then lead us in a chorus of Happy Birthday to Elaine. I was struck by the moment and although I had never been to the place, I was now a part (albeit very small) of its history.

    Interview had brought a bunch of snapshots that Patrick has taken over the years and had them blown up all over Elaine's. I had been eyeing a picture of Kate Moss with Mario Sorrenti all night long and before I could stop myself, took it off the wall and had Patrick sign it. Although everyone was at first aghast by my alleged faux pas, before long there was a line of guests, all with their own purloined image, waiting for Patrick to sign. I almost came to blows with Richard Christiansen over a great shot of a skinny Oprah!

    We bid adieu to Elaine's and headed to my personal Elaine's, 1Oak for the Official After party. We were greeted by the adorable duo of Binn Jakupi and Sherry Cosovic and headed straight to Scott Sartiano's table where we met up with friends including Allie Rizzo, Grace Gomez Brea, David X. Pruting and fiance Chau Ngo, Alexandra Alexis, Jules Kirby, Brian Paylago and Shea Jenkins.

    We also were the first to try Belvedere's newest offering IX. Although not really my cup of tea (or vodka) others seem to really love the ginger infused beverage. At that point who really needed more alcohol anyway?