Photo Of The Day: Be A Part Of History! Buy A Bar On The Bowery

by Chiara Atik · November 12, 2009

    This awesome New York Times picture shows a Bowery Barroom from 1905 (a mere 103 years before Guest of a Guest took up residence on the street). Don't you wish places like this still existed? Besides the weird lack of women and bar stools, this locale, with its cast-iron light fixtures and elegant wood paneling would be a nice change from the poster-ridden dive bars of today. Yesterday, we posted a listing for a bar on the Bowery for rent. We have a proposition for you, intrepid reader...

    If you're reading this on your futon, with a bowl of cereal, in the middle of your 2nd month of unemployment, or from a cubicle where you're unhappily wasting away your youth, why not open a bar? It's $22,000 a month, which, of course, is a little more than what you're probably paying for rent. But if the place takes off, you'll be making way more than that! (And as for the staff of Guest of a Guest, we'd be thrilled with a nearby after-work watering hole). It can be like Cheers!

    If you're on our site, you obviously enjoy reading about New York nightlife. But why not take it a step further, and own your own slice of it?