Question Of The Day: What Club Would You Bring Back From The Dead?

by Chiara Atik · August 3, 2009

    [The famous "Man in the Moon with a Cocaine Spoon,"  from Studio 54. Photo via Disco-disco]. They say change is the only thing that remains constant, and nowhere is that more true than our fair city. Throughout the years, New Yorkers have bid fond farewells to the city’s most venerable and seemingly indestructible institutions: Studio 54, The Plaza Hotel, CBGB, some would even argue Times Square is not the same place it once was. Now, we’re hearing rumors that Tavern On The Green is struggling to stay in business; sure, Tavern on The Green can only be considered nightlife when you go there on your twelfth birthday, but still, we’d be sad to see it go.

    2009 has been an especially tough year as scores of clubs and venues have bitten the dust. Of course, new “it-spots” will continue to pop up and replace them, but, sigh, things just won’t be quite the same. But let’s just imagine that a genie granted you one wish, one club to resurrect from the dead and into eternal New York (night)Life: What venue would you bring back? Would you want to party with Liza Minelli and baby Anderson Cooper and Drew Barrymore at Studio 54? Or just revive your glory days at Socialista?

    What single club in New York’s formidable history is worthy of a second go around? Tell us in the comments!