Rip-Off Of The Day: The $6.95 ATM Fee At M:2

by Rachelle Hruska · February 13, 2009

    Last night was an expensive night (for those attending the Twestival@M:2).  Doesn't M:2 understand that the media crowd is BROKE.  I mean have you seen the headlines, if we're not out of jobs, we're getting paid PEANUTS!  Besides the $16 drinks and $4 coat check, just to get cash out at M:2's ATM to pay for the only cash affair cost me a whopping $6.95! SE-R-I-OUS-LY! (I took a screen shot for proof!)

    Mansion, we know you're struggling too, but this is ridiculous! Fine, snare the unsuspecting late night clubbers in need of scratch and sobriety, but perhaps you could recalibrate it for us more sober folks trying to buy drinks at the cash-only bar upstairs?

    M2 ATM